Werth Thinks Pence Is A Good Fit

Jayson Werth was relaxing in the Nationals clubhouse this afternoon with Magnus, his four-month-old Great Dane, when Hunter Pence’s name came up.

“I’m happy for Hunter,” Werth said. “That’s an enviable position to be in. I know firsthand what that’s like.

“Immediately, when I heard it I thought about him going from Houston to Philadelphia. I don’t know how much fun they were having over there (in Houston), but I do know how much fun those guys have over there, what that clubhouse is like, the chemistry, the camaraderie. I know how well a guy like that will fit in. I immediately thought about how much fun he was going to have. I’m happy for him. He’s a good player.”

Werth knows Pence a bit from being on the 2009 National League All-Star team. He said he has spoken with Pence a couple times since his arrival in Philadelphia.

“He seems like a good fit,” he said.

So no more wistful thoughts about Philadelphia or how it should have been him? The Phillies essentially got Pence because they did not find anybody to replace his production in right field. They started the season with Ben Francisco before moving to Domonic Brown.

“Not really,” Werth said. “It was more like, I knew what he was about to get himself into. It kind of made me smile.”


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Pence is a better fit than Werth. Probably not quite as good defensively, but more consistent with the bat. Plus, he’ll be a fan favorite,

Any upgrade from Francisco, (who i personally like) or Brown, would be an instant ‘fan favorite’

Well, that was an ugly 9th inning, but stuff happens. Madson made good pitches; the Nats just hit them and the Phillies were burned by at least two hits that were the result of the defensive alignments trying to avoid doubles. It would have helped a little if the offense had some more hits and scored more runs outside of one inning.

That was Madson’s second blown save this season and the team’s fourth. Nobody in the NL is even close to their success in that regard.Sometimes you just have to tip your hat and move on.

“Defensive alignments trying to avoid doubles” has always confounded me. You’re changing the way you’ve played the ENTIRE GAME to try to avoid something that has a minute chance of happening. I’ve seen it beaten more times than it has actually prevented anything.
Managers automatically guard the line and instead of getting an out on a routine ground ball, they give up base hits. How is that smart baseball?

it’s kind of like playing deep in Football to avoid the long pass. Willing to give up a singel to prevent a run scoring double. I agree that in general, it isn’t worth it, though you do the same thing in the infield, DP depth, playing up to prevent a run, etc. As the saying goes, Sh*t happens. one bad inning doesn’t mean Madson isn’t still our best closer, or that our bullpen isn’t great. THey pitched the whole game and if the 9th didn’t happen would have won. Let’s go Roy2!!

And it doesn’t work much in football either. The Prevent Defense prevents you from winning. Give up enough short passes and pretty soon they’re close enough to score.
I’m not willing to give up anything I wouldn’t give up earlier in the game. If doubles are so destructive, why not play on the line for the whole game? Runs matter in the third inning too.

Phils just cut Jack Cust and Aaron Heilman. How long did that last?

I couldn’t figure out why we’d need a lefty off the bench given our lineup. Who’d he PH for-Pence, Ruiz? Polanco? If a lefty starts you have Raul on the bench in any case to PH (Mayberry should be starting every game with a LHP going against the Phils)

Who cares what Werth thinks of Pence? He (Werth) made his decision and he obviously didn’t care as much for Philly and her fans as Cliff Lee did.
Last night’s big hit aside, I really don’t know why Ross Gload should remain on the active roster? Picking up John Bowker is a mystery to me, unless it IS to replace Gload until LHV finishes its postseason when after which Dom Brown can be activated. He’s the best defensive backup for RF. Besides, JMJ could be spread too thin backing up all fields plus 1b. So deactivate Gload and Bowker. Activate Brown and let’s start playing postseason ball.

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