Looks Like the Old Oswalt

It’s just one start, but it felt last night like the Phillies were getting the band back together:

The Four Aces.

The Rotation.

Roy Oswalt dominated in a 5-0 victory over the Nationals. His fastball touched 94 mph in the early innings and it averaged 92.2 mph for the night. That’s quite an improvement, considering his fastball averaged 90.9 mph from the time he hit the DL for the first time this season in early May and landed on it a second time in late June.

“He’s back,” Cole Hamels said. “I think that’s pretty much it. He’s back. When he has the velocity you know it’s game time.”

“The way he threw the ball,” Jimmy Rollins said, “vintage Roy. He had that little fastball that he shoots from his chest and by the time the batter swings it’s shoulder height. I was excited, man. His velocity was super. I was looking up and he was hitting 93 still late in the game. I was like, ‘Wow. And he was letting it go.’ You could tell he was confident in his back and in his arm.”

“His fastball had more life,” Carlos Ruiz said. “You could see a lot of swings and misses. The ball was moving (up). That was him, you know? He hit 93, 94. It’s good. You can see he was healthy. That’s the best start. He likes to compete, but when you’re hurt it’s hard. You could see it. He’s quiet, but you could see it in his face and body language. Something was wrong. He didn’t feel OK. Now I know he’s healthy.” <p>

If Oswalt is feeling like himself again – he had 15 swings and misses, 10 of them on fastballs – that is good news for the rotation and this team’s chances in October. Think about it. While most playoff teams will be debating whether or not to pitch their ace on short rest, the Phillies could have four well-rested aces pitching on regular or extra rest.

It would be a nice problem to have.


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Great game. But what was Charlie thinking letting Oswalt pitch in the eighth? What was the point? Here was a guy coming off a back injury who goes 7 innings in fine fashion and Charlie allows him to go one more inning? Again, what was the point? I guess Charlie didn’t learn too much from Halladay’s last outing.

Why would anything that happened with Halladay have anything to do with Oswalt? And he had only thrown 95 pitches through 7. Pitch counts are a joke, especially for a guy who hasn’t even hit 100 IP this year.

I’d like to go through a week of games where we didn’t have the pitch count advertised on TV or at the ballpark. Maybe we could go back to how a guy looks instead of how many pitches he’s thrown?
Oswalt was coming off an inning where he struck out the last batter and looked strong.
It was 5-0. Why wouldn’t you send him back out?

These rain delays have wreaked havoc with the pitching the last 4-5 days, but they still should have swept that series. Surprised by Bastardo. Not surprised by Lidge.

Lidge was awful. A bit surprise by Bastardo…..2 strikes, 2 outs I guess that’s the way to blow your first save?!? That’s baseball:-(

Bastardo had one bad pitch. He struck out the side and except for the HR was fine. Lidge was his 2009 version at it’s best. Hit the batter to loose the game? Time to thank him for 2008 and show him the door to AAA.

Why is Gload still on this team? He is hurt and has been downright awful since the end of June. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal… but he usually pinch-hits in big critical situations (like he did on Sunday), and he can’t even make contact with the ball. Pete Orr or Brandon Moss would be better at this point.

They should have addressed this before the trading deadline because Gload has been useless since June. I doubt any powerhitting lefthander will get through waivers. The competition all know that it’s the Phillies biggest need right now.

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