Rollins to DL

Jimmy Rollins announced on his Twitter account (@JimmyRollins11) he has a mild Grade 2 strain of his right groin. He said he will be placed on the DL.

That means he is out until at least Sept. 6.

Placido Polanco said yesterday he expected to be activated today. No word on Polanco yet.


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Yikes! Not good at all

What a wonderful age of information we live in, when fans can get the story at the same time as the beat writers.
It’s almost like we don’t need the writers anymore.

yeah, lets not re sign him…hes a bum. Who’s gonna play SS and still put up the numbers he does? In case you don’t know, there’s not too many shortstops on the market.

“Intangibles” are not limited to football players…..

Jimmy is soft. After this season, I certainly hope that the Phillies do not sign him to any long term contract.

“soft”??? You could be the only one dumb enough to post that……

How many visits is this to the DL since 2008? And it usually has something to do with his legs, which is his whole game. This will hurt his negotiations this off-season. He could be turning into another Chipper Jones.

Isn’t Chipper 39 years old and still playing though????

More news from the Twitter: Ibanez scratched from Monday’s lineup with (you guessed it) groin soreness. Mayberry in.

What the heck is with groins? Chooch gets it in the jibblies, now these two guys.

Hopefully the Phillies will be smart with Rollins and Madson. Don’t overpay and don’t sign either long-term. Rollins should be 2 years maximum. May have to let Madson walk if he demands typical Boras type $$ and years. Just getting out of bad contracts with Ibanez and Lidge. Don’t need any new ones weighing the team down. Save up for Cole.

Thome on trade waivers. I can dream….

J-Roll, 3 years for $25 million. Let’s get it done, Junior.

I like this post pherris, although they might go to $27 million

doubt jimmy will take less then $10m a year.

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