Howard’s First 1,000

From Elias Sports Bureau: Ryan Howard played the 1000th game of his career yesterday. His 279 home runs are the most in MLB history through 1,000 games. Ralph Kiner held the old record at 277. On the flip side: Howard’s 1,179 strikeouts are second only to Rob Deer‘s 1,206.


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Congratulations, Ryan, on 1000 games and 279 homeruns We do not care near as much about all of the strikeouts as we do about your inability to develop any kind of counter measure against the “Howard Shift”.

pherris, spray hitting is an art. Few MLB hitters can do it. The majority of players pull the ball a little or go up the middle with a pitch. The best way for Ryan to beat the shift is by hitting the ball over it :o)

That’s OK, Erich. Pherris would have said the same thing about Ted Williams. He never tried to beat the shift either. Had a pretty good career, from what I can recall.

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