Moyer to Rehab in Clearwater

Jamie Moyer is giving baseball one more shot.

He is going to be continuing his rehab from Tommy John surgery at the Phillies’ Bright House Field in Clearwater, Fla. The Phillies have not signed Moyer to a contract, so he remains a free agent, but he asked the Phillies if he could use their facilities.

“We’re providing him our space in Clearwater and our expertise,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said.

Moyer, 48, went 9-9 with a 4.84 ERA in 19 starts in 2010 before he injured his left elbow in July. He tried to rehab the injury without surgery, but it did not go as planned. He had Tommy John ligament replacement surgery in December.


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Good for him

Good to see the Phils letting him use the team for rehab. Love to see when they stand behind someone who gave them so much. Nice to the the personal aspect coming through and not just business Hope he gets the results he is looking for. Heal well Jamie!

I’ll always root for Jamie. He’s a class act and I’d love to see him take the field one more time.

Good Luck Jamie you’ll always be respected by Philly Fans regardless how things go . Your a true Phillies Legend and your heart for children and your commitment to your charities is unsurmounted … Be blessed friend … Loyal Phillies Fan …. Bob

Good luck jamie…..hope to see you pitch again… of the BEST!!!!!

This is great news! I saw him on the field before the game accepting a check for camp Erin. It was so odd seeing him on the field again in civvies. It would be awesome if he could get healthy enough to get a limited contract with us again, maybe replace Kendrick’s role?

this is what makes philly one of the best franchisses in baseball today,they really care about their former players!

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Love to see him pitch successfully again, but would LOVE it even more to see him as the future pitching coach!!!

Good luck Jamie, but I don’t get it. Spend time with your 8 kids, why don’t you? It’s not like you will be anything more than a mop-up guy at this point.

happy to here phillies are backing him…….that 9-9 record didnt do him justice,he should have been at least 17 – 6 before he got hurt there was 0 run support for the man look it up “just saying ” GO JAMIE ………………..

It’s hard to imagine that 19 starts and a 4.84 ERA could possibly translate to a 17-6 record. Let’s not mythologize the guy.

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HE’s a good guy and a great pitcher…and I think there is room for him on the Phils pitching coaching staff. Once Dubee retires, I say Jamie Moyer should be first in line. Maybe he does have one more year in him as a player…but I would love to see him as a coach on the Phils staff.

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Good luck, Jamie!! His is the only jersey I own….if he cant come back as a player, I hope he comes back as coughpitchingcoachcough.

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Though I don’t doubt his great character, sometimes you just gotta let it go. The future Brett Favre of baseball…

Blaine, if he’s still got it, why retire? It sounds to me you have something against this great man and the heart he has for the game!

We’ll see exactly what he has if he even makes it back out of the minors.

He’s been sent down and crawled up before. Low odds? Okay, sure but why not wait and see what he has before calling him Brett Farve? He’s never was a velocity pitcher anyway, so his age only matters so much.

Moyer for President!

I’ll never forget that day, 2007, fan appreciation day at CBP, Jamie Moyer started, Brett Myers closed, and the Phils won their first NLEast title in, I don’t know how many years. The first of five in a row (including 2011 of course)!

You don’t know how many years? Really?

Personally I think Moyer should’ve retired in 2008 with his WS ring in his hometown. That would’ve been a great way to end his career. Best of luck to him.

Moyer, from what everyone said, is a great guy in the club house, a great mentor for young pitchers, and an all around great guy. I say, sign him to a minor league contract as player/pitching coach, and lets see if he can be next in line to be the coach in the majors. Unfortunately, there is no room for him as a player on the Phillies

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Once again the Phils’ organization shows class. Jamie may not be able to rehab his way back to the Bigs, but if it is even remotely possible, I want to see it happen, whether it’s with the Phils or not. I will always be a Jamie Moyer fan and will pray for his recovery and return to MLB. GO JAMIE!!!!!!

What a class act – both Jamie and the Philles

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