Lee’s Dominance

Cliff Lee pitches tonight against the Reds. He has thrown seven or more shutout innings in nine of his starts this season.

Yes, that’s a lot.

Baseball Reference said with one more start like that he would become the first pitcher since Dwight Gooden and John Tudor in 1985 to accomplish it 10 times in one season. Click the link to take a look at others on the list.


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i just fucking love cliff lee, like really, alot.

Thanks for the obscenities, Al. As if we don’t hear enough of them every day. Edit yourself.

Utley taught everybody the F word during the ’08 parade.

So now that you Philly fans have had a chance to see Halladay and Lee in the same rotation. Who do you think is the superior pitcher? In other words, if you had to keep one, which one?

Doc, deff Doc. And, IMO, I would take Hamels over Lee too. But really, all 3 are in the top, say, 7 in baseball.

Why even go there? The truth would hurt too many acolytes here.

Which assistants would be offended? Or were you speaking directly to young people who assists a clergyman performing rites? Clarify.

I’m a Halladay guy because. day-to-day, he is just as consistently excellent as any pitcher I’ve seen in years. But Lee has a high end that is as good as anybody, ever. Tough call. I’m glad to have them both.

If I can pick for the months of only June and August, it has to be Lee, otherwise I’ll take Doc (though having Doc, Lee and COle together is about as good as it gets)

Embarrassment of riches. How long before Ruben goes after Clayton Kershaw?

depends if oswalt is back next year lol

This season has been as advertised. The whole rotation is a treat to watch. Lee, Worley are a hoot on the mound. Halladay and Hamels have their own intensities that are unmatched.

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