The Vanimal Is Winning

The Phillies won their 13th consecutive Vance Worley start yesterday in a 6-4 victory over the Reds. I wrote yesterday the last rookie pitcher to have his team win 13 consecutive starts was Tom Filer, who pitched for the Cubs and Blue Jays from June 1982 to Aug. 1985.

(Filer spent the 1983-84 seasons in the Minors, maintaining his rookie eligibility in 1985.)

Of course, that didn’t feel like a legit stat. So Elias Sports Bureau found today the last rookie pitcher to have his team win 13 consecutive starts in one season:

Cincinnati’s Wayne Simpson in 1970, when the Reds won 14 consecutive of his starts.


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Another obscure statistic. Is there no end to these?

Apparently not. Thanks to Elias Sports and the endless stream of information on the Internet. It’s difficult to focus on the actual games sometimes.

It IS a historic season. Not surprised by all the minutiae.

They roll out the same sort of minutiae for losing teams too.

Glass half-empty, eh muleman?
Try to enjoy it. I know it’s hard for you.

Vanimal has been a wonderful surprise in an amazing season. 42 games over 500 for the first time in club history……sweet!

al these wonderful things are totaly useless if we don’t win the WS. they are the only games that matter. (ask Seatle how much 116 wins helped them)

And Tom Filer is from philly!

No phan, just trying to point out that sports (and baseball in particular) is drowning in statistical nonsense. Guys like Jayson Stark are champions at it.

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