Postseason Preview Week

I still don’t understand why Joe West reviewed a non-home run call on instant replay, especially when Charlie Manuel never asked him to review it. (West said Manuel did, but Manuel did not speak with West until after he reviewed the play so that seems impossible — unless telepathy was involved.) I’ve got to think something will happen to West, some sort of disciplinary action, although I doubt we’ll hear about it. But I will bet the final score stands because MLB does not have a history of overturning rulings in protested games.

I also don’t understand why fans insist on reaching onto the field of play to catch baseballs. I know, it’s instinct, yadda, yadda, yadda. I say have some self awareness. Hey, I’m in the first or second row, if a ball comes my way I’m not going to do anything that might make me the next Steve Bartman or cost my team a victory. (The fans offer their sides of the story here. “Get over it,” one said.)

But, as Cliff Lee would say, whatever.

That’s yesterday.

Today the Phillies begin a stretch of seven consecutive games against two teams they could face in the postseason. They open a three-game series tonight against the Braves at Citizens Bank Park before flying to Milwaukee to play the Brewers in a four-game series at Miller Park. If the postseason started today the Phillies would be playing Arizona in the NLDS, while Atlanta would be playing Milwaukee. If those seeds held in the first round the Phillies would be playing either Atlanta or Milwaukee for the NL pennant.

So there’s certainly plenty of intrigue this week.

To recap:

  • Joe West: Huh?
  • Interferring fans: Really, dude?
  • This week’s games: Oooooh.


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Totally agree. We all knew that West would lie to save his own skin and, surprise, surprise that is exactly what he did…

Joe West needs to get in some trouble for this. All you have to do is watch the game to see that hes lying

Todd, when I was looking for info about this yesterday you were nowhere to be found. No blog updates, no twitter updates, nothing.

Meanwhile Matt Gelb was all over this giving me all the info I was looking for. I been following your blog since the original Zo Zone back in the days so this is sad for me to say.

But you have gone from a daily must read to an afterthought because you just don’t provide the same level of insight anymore.

I know I am in the minority…..but considering the number of times we have seen fans interfere in foul ball catches – not to mention potential doubles/homers – for my money’s worth – ANY fan who interferes with a player gets automatically ejected from the stadium – ALONG with any friends, family, etc who are sitting with them.
Enough of this – a stupid Philly fan caused a Philly loss yesterday. Outta here.

sorry, todd. tend to agree with JS. maybe you’re finishing the next best Phillies book. here’s hoping. but meanwhile, your coverage this year is disappointing. somedays, disappointing at best.

I wonder what they’ll do about callups, with Lehigh Valley making the playoffs.

Do they have a mercy rule in MLB? Easy pickins’ tonight against the Bravos. I guess they’re not used to playing in front of a full house.

You’re completely correct on this piece…

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