Phillies’ Protest … Denied!

From MLB: “Major League Baseball announced today that Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations Joe Torre has denied the formal protest filed by the Philadelphia Phillies regarding their Sunday, September 4th game against the Florida Marlins at Sun Life Stadium.”

Eh, whatever … everybody knew nothing was going to be changed. But the Phillies made their point. There’s nothing to see here. Keep moving.


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If I’m wrong, tell me so, but are they saying the umpires, despite using instant replay for a non-homerun situation, got the call right? If so, they are usurping their own rules. Simply put, their logic WOULD NOT hold up in a court of law. Getting the call right or wrong has nothing to do with the fact that they used a method which is currently not within the rulebook. I don’t get this at all.

I’m not at all shocked the dispute was denied. Are any of us? What we’ll never know, is if Joe West received any disiplinary action by the umpires union.

I’ll spare you the wondering. West is the head of the Umpire’s union. Draw your own conclusion about punishment from that tidbit.

Torre is hiding behind the curtain… Mr. MLB Wizard of Odd! … has he explained his decision anywhere?

Tonight’s game against the Braves becomes a bullpen game and surprise, surprise. The best bullpen in the history of Western Civilization goes down for the count.

Todd where are you man? Chase Utley… possible concussion.. any of this ringing a bell? Give me something about it.. anything at all.. please!

Chase did not travel with the team. He’s seeing a doctor today. May be out 2 days (or more, depending). Activating Rollins.
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