Late-Inning Pinch-Hit Success

Charlie Manuel loves to talk about Ross Gload‘s “professional” at-bats, but his successes have been few and far between this season.

He broke through last night when his pinch-hit single scored the winning run in the ninth inning in a 3-2 victory over the Braves.

“For me it’s huge because I haven’t had much of anything,” Gload said. “I’ve struggled pretty good. But I’ll take it. It’s big for me, but it’s bigger for the team.”

It was the third game-winning walkoff hit by a Phillies pinch-hitter this season: John Mayberry Jr. had one in the season opener and Ben Francisco had one June 24. That’s notable because the Phillies had none the previous five seasons (2006-2010). The Phillies also hadn’t had three walkoff wins in one season on RBIs by pinch-hitters since 1984 (Greg Gross, Len Matuszek and Sixto Lezcano).


As soon as we hear something more on Chase Utley, we’ll let you know.


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O’Flaherty’s plunking of Uts was bush league. The Braves are good, just not as good as the Phils. Unfortunately, they can’t deal with that. I am holding out faint hope that McCann or Uggla gets plunked in the last game of the season.

Last year Tim Hudson hit Polanco early in the season. Polanco was never the same since. Now this happens to Utley. O’Flaherty’s pitch was either intentional or just plain reckless. Inexcusable no matter which way you look at it. Phillies can’t keep allowing other teams to get away with this… remember Shane in San Francisco?? They must retaliate the last game of the season (which should be meaningless to them) — have a September call-up like Drew Carpenter take out McCann.

Um, Drew Carpenter was claimed off waivers by San Diego.. but you have PHAITH!!

Can we get an update from JMJ’s agent regarding the denied request to date the hot mermaid?

My bad. Forgot about that. Then use Zagurski if he’s still around.

I refuse to mention or type Greg Gross when you have such an awesome nickname of Gee-Gee

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