Orr Avoids Sausage Race Catastrophe

I picked the Polish sausage to win last night’s famous Sausage Race in Milwaukee, but then Pete Orr had to run into the middle of the group and knock Polish off its stride.

Orr had just been in the bathroom, cleaning mud from his hands when he grabbed his glove and darted onto the field in the middle of the sixth inning. He never saw the sausages coming. He pulled a Matrix move, slipping between the Polish and Italian before colliding with the hot dog.

“Straight panic,” Orr said. “I froze. Then I just tried to get skinny.”

“How won the race?” Ryan Howard asked as reporters spoke to Orr.

“Italian,” I said. “I picked Polish.”

“I had the Polish too!” Howard replied. “Thanks, Pete.”

Yes. Thanks, Pete.


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Who > How

What a goof. xD

コーチ 激安 アウトレット

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