The 2012 Schedule Is Out

Major League Baseball announced the 2012 schedule today.

I know, let’s get this 2011 season over with already, amiright?

Ha, I actually like figuring out where I’ll be going next season. And I’m happy to see one of those road trips takes me back to Minnesota, where I went to college.

Ya, I went to the U, you betcha.

Some highlights of the Phillies’ 2012 schedule:

  • Open the season April 5 in Pittsburgh.
  • Open the season at home April 9 against Miami (they’re not Florida anymore).
  • Have a 10-game road trip through San Francisco, San Diego and Arizona from April 16-25.
  • Host the Red Sox in May.
  • Take a road trip June 8-17 through Baltimore, Minnesota and Toronto.
  • Host the Rays during a 10-game homestand in June.
  • Play in Miami’s new stadium for the first time June 29-July 1.
  • Finish the season in October in Washington.


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The Miami Marlins!?

Oh… according to Wikipedia that decision was made in 2008. Wow, where was I?? haha

I wish somebody would make the decision to take the ‘s’ off of their nickname. The plural of marlin is marlin. There is no such word as marlins — only in baseball.

Where can I go to get a look at the schedule?

Schedule’s on the team website. Go to schedule, and click ahead to April 2012. Houston, sadly is on the schedule.

Rah, rah, Ski-U-Mah! Hoping to get my family to visit from MN so we can take in one of those Twins games. Of course, with the way the Twins have been playing, it might be tough to even get them to go to Target Field!

FINALLY!! A return to Baltimore! Its been forever for this most obvious “regional rivalry.” See you at Camden Yards next year.

I’m already planning a 3-day weekend. They should play the Orioles every year. Camden Yards is great and the party outside is even better.

Opening in Pittsburgh? Phils have a chance to be 0-3 to start 2012 based on how they have recently played out there.

A home game on my birthday! Coming almost exactly in the middle of the time between Father’s Day and July 4th, two days when the Phillies like to play at home, the team always seems to be on the road on that day.

What’s LA like in July? Might be a good time to visit my daughter.

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