It’s a Clinch!

A couple quotes from the clubhouse after and during the celebration:

“I expected to win the division,” Cliff Lee said. “I expect us to win the World Series. But nothing is going to be handed to us. We’ve got to go out there and play the way we’ve played all year and play fundamental baseball. If we continue to do that good things will happen.”

“It really wasn’t hype,” Jimmy Rollins said about the rotation.

“I actually think they were better than advertised because of the expectations put on them,” Rich Dubee said about the rotation. “They pitched beyond those expectations. They took it to another level.”

“They blew me up,” Hunter Pence said about the celebration. They blew me up. I’ve dreamed about this. It’s what you play the game for. When you’re working out in the offseason you’re thinking about the champagne. You’re thinking about getting to the playoffs, and then taking the next step and the next step, winning the World Series. It’s definitely worth all the work and all the sacrifice. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

“When you have something as special as we have here you don’t want to let it go to waste,” Rollins said about keeping things going.

“The true test starts in October,” Ryan Howard said. “We won’t really do the real celebration until we can reach our team goal. This is just step one.”


Congrats to the Phils!

Good job by Roy Oswalt. Not sure that he showed he is a better choice than Vance Worley for the 4th starter position in the playoffs. But Phillies are probably a better team with Oswalt down as starter and Worley out of the pen since Worley is more accustomed to that role, provided Charlie sticks to the plan.

Congratulations Phillies!

Get some rest, set up the rotation and get ready for a Red October.

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