Nothing to See Here?

Hunter Pence flashed the international thumbs up sign for I’m OK.

He said he’s OK.

But is he OK?

We’ll see. He has patellar tendinitis in his left knee and will have a MRI exam today. Hearing “patellar tendinitis” might cause Phillies fans’ hearts to skip a beat because that is the same affliction that cost Chase Utley most of the first two months of the season.

“It’s gonna be fine,” he said. “I already feel a lot better. It’s just precautionary. I’ve had patellar tendinitis for forever. It just flared up a little bit and they want me to go get an MRI. I didn’t really feel it necessary, but I’m going to do what they want me to do.”

Pence could be seen limping on the field in Game 1 of yesterday’s doubleheader before being pulled in the sixth inning. Charlie Manuel planned to play him in Game 2, but was advised against it. Pence said he could have played.
“I don’t even like to really talk about it because there’s a difference between injuries and being hurt,” he said. “Pain is something that you deal with and you don’t talk about.”


What a trouper! Hey, Chirs Coste talked about this during the post game show after the afternoon game. Nobody knows their body better then the person inhabiting it. I’m going with Pence’s gut on this one.

Pence hit a few balls pretty hard in that game yesterday so it apparently doesn’t affect his hitting. A couple days off and he’ll be fine.


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