LLLLLosing Streak

A reporter asked Charlie Manuel after last night’s 7-5 loss, which gave the Phillies their first five-game losing streak since May 2010, if it was good they were losing now and not in October.

Manuel looked perplexed. He seemed to be thinking to himself, “Uh, yeah.

“Yeah, I think so, yes,” he said, which ellicited a few chuckles from reporters. “I think if this is happening in October I’ll probably be packing my car. But it’s not October.”

No, it’s not. But since the Phillies clinched the NL East in their 150th game they are 0-5. Some people think they’ll be fine. They’ll snap out of it. Some people think the Phillies are in trouble because they are playing their worst baseball at the worst time. You can’t just flip a switch. Charlie Manuel said he has seen teams playing great entering the postseason and lose in the first round and teams playing poorly entering the postseason and win the World Series. I looked at the last 30 World Series teams from 1996-2010 and found just eight of those teams had losing records following their 150th game:

  • 2009 Phillies (5-7)
  • 2006 Cardinals (3-8) and Tigers (5-7)
  • 2002 Angels (5-7)
  • 2000 Yankees (2-9, finishing the season 3-15 with a seven-game losing streak)
  • 1998 Padres (4-8)
  • 1997 Marlins (4-7) and Indians (4-7)

What does it mean? It only means other teams have struggled before, which maybe helps you sleep better at night. It is difficult to compare teams because each one had its own set of circumstances. The ’11 Phillies have nothing to play for and have been without their everyday lineup for weeks. That’s not to say they doesn’t have their concerns, but you can’t compare them to the ’06 Cardinals or the ’02 Angels (or the 22 teams that finished without a losing record).

The Phillies (98-57) have seven games to play. They need to finish 4-3 to set the franchise record for most victories in a season. Four wins in seven games (with three of them coming against the Braves) would seem to give them enough momentum heading into the postseason.

“We didn’t come into the season saying we need to win 100 games, we need to break the club record,” Jimmy Rollins said. “It was get to the playoffs, and we accomplished that part. Winning 11 (games) in October is really what’s most important.”


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‘they doesn’t have their concerns’???? really?? man i should become a sports writer….

“Pop up” Rollins needs to get a clue, and get in the batting cages daily and WORK on it. That is the only way. That’s why Pujols does well. That’s why all the big bats this year have done well. And who wouldn’t want to break the franchise record?? Really Rollins??? And who wouldn’t want to do it for Charlie Manual to break a record??? Jesus, the Yanks are only 3 games behind the Phils now – why not just let them end with the best record in baseball??!! As the Phils have always claimed – they go into every game with the same want to win. So either they lied about that, or they don’t want to see that they are failing big time lately and will need to do the work and get back on track-fast. Could u imagine after all their pitchers have done to get them here – if this offense doesn’t do the work on their end… That comment from Rollins is like a slap in the face to the fans that have continued to show and fill a stadium to support them, only to take the ride of disappointment and fear back home. I mean the Phils are notorious now for losing their offense in the post season. Only difference is this year – they barely had an offense all year amongst the main players… So yeah, concerned is an understatement.

Rollins is doing very little to earn a contract renewal. Incredibly predictable now. Pop-up out on the second pitch. I’m glad he was booed yesterday. He needs to learn patience and discipline. Pick it up, Jimmy. I’m pulling for ya but you’re making it difficult.

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