A Possible NLDS Roster

The Phillies said today they’re probably going to carry 11 pitchers on their postseason roster.

They’ve informed Domonic Brown, right-hander Justin De Fratus and left-hander Joe Savery they will be in instructional league during the postseason to stay sharp in case they are needed. Right-hander Michael Schwimer and outfielder Brandon Moss will head home after the season’s finale Wednesday. Catcher Erik Kratz could travel with the team, but that has not been decided.

Here’s a look at my projected 25-man NLDS roster:

  • Catchers (2): Carlos Ruiz and Brian Schneider.
  • Infielders (7): Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Placido Polanco, Jimmy Rollins, Ross Gload, Wilson Valdez and Michael Martinez.
  • Outfielders (5): Raul Ibanez, Shane Victorino, Hunter Pence, John Mayberry Jr. and Ben Francisco.
  • Starters (4): Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels and Roy Oswalt.
  • Relievers: (7): Ryan Madson, Brad Lidge, Antonio Bastardo, Mike Stutes, Vance Worley and Kyle Kendrick with David Herndon or Joe Blanton taking up the final spot.

No surprises here among the 14 position players. Blanton has worked his way into the conversation to earn a bullpen spot. If he pitches well this week in Atlanta that could make the decision a little more difficult for the Phillies as Herndon has a 1.99 ERA in 33 appearances since April.

Pete Orr and John Bowker would have a shot to make the roster if the Phillies carried 10 pitchers, but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to happen.


Why would the Phillies even consider Blanton?

Why not Blanton? He’s pitched very well out of the bullpen since he came back. He’s a veteran guy who’s been there before.
I don’t know what Martinez can do better than Orr other than maybe pinch run. Orr’s a better defender and hitter. I’d prefer Orr over Martinez, but that’s up to Charlie. I don’t have a vote.

How about because Blanton has not done jack this year? He has pitched well for the entire 5 innings he has pitched and the 19 batters he has faced since coming off the DL? How is his breaking ball going? Charlie and his twisted loyalty.

Why wouldn’t they? He’s a quality pitcher with playoff experience. I’m concerned about Herndon and Bastardo.

If this is a “pick your poison” scenario, why not try Joe Savery as the 11th pitcher?

Based on using Savery last night as a LOOGY, I wonder if they have lost all faith in Bastardo. Orr is better than Martinez, but for some reason Charlie and Rube love the guy. He must have some discriminating photos of Rube or something…

Martinez was a Rule 5 player, and the Phils would have had to give him back to the Nationals if he wasn’t on the club. Plus, he’s been a good utility guy – plays the OF and 3 INF positions.
And um … they won 100 games. How much better do you want them to be? Cripes. Picking on Martinez.

Rule 5 only applies to the regular season, they don’t have to keep Martinez on the postseason roster. Yeah, he plays a lot of positions but none of them very well. If he’s on the roster it better not be to play defense.
They could use Orr’s bat in his place. The only reason to keep Martinez on the roster would be if they needed him to pinch run for somebody. That’s it.

Talking about the postseason roster. He doesn’t need to be on it. But you’re right, Mule, Martinez was directly involved in helping to win all 100 games. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. Did you even watch any of the games Martinez played in? Have you seen his BA? He can’t hit and his defense stinks (especially at SS). He was hitting for about 2 weeks in the summer and has been tanking ever since.

Bowker has shown that perhaps a Phillies fantasy camp invite might be his next stop. Maybe. Mystified as to why Savery hasn’t been given more work considering Bastardo’s struggles. Right now we have no lefty in the bullpen, we can trust. Even J.C. Romero looks good righ now.

Joe Savery has about two weeks experience in the bigs. Not ready for playoffs, but next year . . . . . . . . You are right about Bowker. I was lucky enough to see him start in right in the Phils’ final home game. He collided with Utley and let Washington score two runs. I should’ve asked for my money back.

Why carry 11 pitchers in the short NLDS? Oswalt won’t even get a start in that series, so he’s the long man – head scratching why you would need an extra pitcher in that spot. Also, Herndon gets the nod over Blanton since he’s been there all year and has been good most of the time.

Even though he was hurt most of the year I would have taken Blanton over Herndon. I agree with the post directly above me that they should have carried only 10 pitchers in the NLDS. That bring said, who is your 2nd lefty behind Bastardo? Don’t you want a pitcher for that situation? I also would have found a player to use as a pinch runner as well as a third catcher. That being said, the Phillies should still be the favorite StL, but it won’t be a walk in the park.

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