Finally, A ‘W’

Is everybody feeling better?

A few notes from yesterday’s s victory over the Mets, which snapped an eight-game losing streak:

  • You could feel a little extra energy in the clubhouse before the 9-4 victory because players knew they finally had their everyday lineup on the field. It was just the fifth time they’ve that since Hunter Pence joined the team. (They’re 5-0 in those games.) It was just the 16th time this season they’ve had that, including Domonic Brown or Ben Francisco. (They’re 12-4 in those games.)
  • Roy Halladay improved to 19-6. Halladay (2005-11) will be the sixth pitcher in baseball history to finish at least seven games over .500 in seven or more consecutive seasons. The other pitchers to do that are in the Hall of Fame: Tim Keefe (seven years, 1883-89), John Clarkson (nine, 1884-92), Kid Nichols (nine, 1890-98), Christy Mathewson (12, 1903-14) and Lefty Grove (seven, 1927-33).
  • Antonio Bastardo continues to struggle. He is saying the slider doesn’t feel good coming out of his hand. I’ve got to think his confidence is shot, too. Whatever the case, Bastardo has three games to figure out things before the postseason. He said he hopes to pitch one or two more times to see if he can get that feel back. If he can’t? I think they go with the right-handers. (What other choice do they have?) We saw Vance Worley taking over for Bastardo in the seventh inning. He could be an option, along with Mike Stutes and Brad Lidge.


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Bastardo is a shot pitcher. It’s not good that they won’t have a reliable lefthander, and Worley and Blanton will have huge roles this postseason.
Love the lineup as currently made up.

What about Savery as an option? If he can somehow be eligible to make the post-season roster, why not test him over the next 3 games and see how he does?

I will feel better if they win the next game too. Or at least look good in losing. It wasn’t THAT they lost as much as how they looked losing it that had me on edge. Now here is the $64,000 question- do you try really hard to beat the Braves in this series, or continue to take it easy and make sure everyone is ready to go for the playoffs? If they take 2 of 3 or sweep, then they may be facing a hot, hungry STL team in the playoffs. Remember the 2010 Giants? Of course, thanks to the horrible tank job they did in the 8 games since the clinch, they probably have no choice but to keep the current lineup and get everyone’s stroke and timing in sync for the postseason. Which means they will be letting Houston determine who gets the WC. Yay.

“along with Mike Stutes and Brad Lidge.”

Oh God.

News from the Twitter:
Brown, Savery and DeFratus will head to Fla Instructional League to stay sharp in case needed down road. Schwimer and Moss seasons will end Wed.
Amaro and Manuel both indicate that going w 11 pitchers in first rd is very real possibility. Could be good news for Joe Blanton.

Thanks to Jim Salisbury @JSalisburyCSN

Keep Blanton, heave Herndon, bring Brown. His speed +/or OBP could come in handy. Before you say NO to Brown, is Bowker on the playoff roster?

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