Game 1 Saturday vs. ???


The Braves are as good as dead. Get ready for the Cardinals.

This will be the toughest post-season the Phillies have been involved in. Each of the three teams is very capable of winning a 5- or 7-game series vs. the Phils. One saving grace – the Phillies won’t be caught by surprise as they were by the Giants last year.

5 games is a bit of a crapshoot. But nobody in the NL can beat the Phillies in the 7 game NLCS. Get there, and the WS is a given.

Let’s go game 163 to screw up the Cardinals rotation even more. Carpenter pitches today, so if he even pitched game 2, it would be short rest! Go Phillies, Go Astros, Go Cardinals!

They need to beat 2 of these teams to get where they want to go. I don’t really care about the order. If the Phils play to their ability level, they can handle any of these teams in the post-season.

Someone we can win against easily so that the Phillies can get a much needed rest and vacation!

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