The Rotation Shines

If Cole Hamels had picked up his 15th win in relief last night it would have been the first time a team had three pitchers in the rotation with 15 or more wins and an ERA under 3.00 since 1972, when the Baltimore Orioles and Oakland A’s did it.

Roy Halladay finished the season 19-6 with a 2.35 ERA. Cliff Lee finished 17-8 with a 2.40 ERA and Hamels finished 14-9 with a 2.79 ERA. The ’72 Orioles had Jim Palmer (21-10, 2.07 ERA), Mike Cuellar (18-12, 2.57 ERA) and Pat Dobson (16-18, 2.65 ERA). The ’72 A’s had Catfish Hunter (21-7, 2.04 ERA), Ken Holtzman (19-11, 2.51 ERA) and Blue Moon Odom (15-6, 2.50 ERA).

But the Phillies rotation lived up to the hype this season. Phillies starters had a 2.86 ERA, which is the best in the big leagues since the 1985 Los Angeles Dodgers (2.71 ERA) and 1985 New York Mets (2.84 ERA). It also is the 12th best ERA of any rotation since baseball lowered the pitcher’s mound in 1969.

A couple other numbers about the rotation:

  • Their 932 strikeouts are the most since the 2003 Chicago Cubs (987) and rank sixth overall since 1969.
  • Their 1.11 WHIP is the best since the 1975 Dodgers (1.09) and third-best since 1969.
  • Their 4.20 strikeout-to-walk ratio is the best since 1969.

Not bad.


Congratulations to Charlie Manuel for being the winningest manager in Phillies history, and to the 2011 Phillies for their team record 102 wins.
You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!

Yesterday was an excellent day to be a baseball fan. Kicking the Braves out was the cherry on top to a great regular season. Congrats to the Phils! Let’s hope this is the start of a long October run.

Cole’s been giving lots of runs and homers lately, and Victorino’s been in a terrible slump. Is this any way to go into the Playoffs? Hey, I’m a Phillies fan. I got to find something to worry about.

We’ll just skip Cole’s turn in the rotation to alleviate everyone’s fears and ship him off to Boston or someone else who needs pitching. 2 games of 4 runs is not exactly giving up ” a lot” of runs but he has given up the homers. Cole was quoted as saying that the homers bother him as well and he needs to fix it. I am sure he will make every attempt to do so. He still gets absolutely no run support whether he has his good stuff or not.

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With regard to teams having 3 starters with 15+ Wins and an ERA < 3.00…

1998 Braves:
Maddux 18 W 2.22 ERA
Glavine 20 W 2.47 ERA
Smoltz 17 W 2.90 ERA

1996 Braves:
Maddux 15 W 2.72 ERA
Smoltz 24 W 2.94 ERA
Glavine 15 W 2.98 ERA

The 1997 Braves had 3 starters with 15+ Wins and an ERA < 3.00 or less, but Glavine only had 14 Wins to go with his 2.96 ERA, and Smoltz only had an ERA of 3.02 to go with his 15 Wins (Maddux and Neagle both had 19+ Wins and an ERA < 3.00).

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