Benny Fresh Goes Deep

A couple facts about Ben Francisco‘s clutch pinch-hit, three-run home run in the seventh inning to beat the Cardinals in Game 3 of the NLDS, 3-2:

It was the sixth pinch-hit homer in Phillies postseason history:

  • Jerry Martin    10/4/78
  • Bake McBride    10/7/78
  • George Vukovich 10/10/81
  • Matt Stairs     10/13/08
  • Eric Bruntlett  10/23/08

And according to Baseball Reference, this was the seventh pinch-hit, three-run homer in the seventh inning or later in postseason history.

Click here to see others.


WHile Fransisco’s HR was perfect, and won the game for us (and earned him his season’s salary) I’m very concerned about the pen. Bastardo did his job (finally) but Worley, Lidge and Madson got beat up bad (almost bad enough to blow the save). With Shutes getting slaughtered in game 1 we’re in deep trouble is our starters don’t go 8-9 innings. Guess we know what the winter’s shoping list will look like

I’m not saying he’s the end all be all, but why did we leave Herndon off the roster. Excluding one hiccup, he’s been dealing since June, and he’s, you know, actually accustomed to a relief role, unlike Blanton and Worley.

I used to be a Herndon Hater, but he came on the last few months and was effective. I think the Phillies would be better served by a long reliever rather than a starter pitching in long relief.

Vanimal has the nasty comeback 2-seamer for strikeouts though, that’s a good pitch coming out the ‘pen for some quick outs, didn’t have it going too good last night I guess.

No idea why Kentucky Joe is on the postseason roster. Experience he brings was mentioned, but experience he can bring to do what for the Phils this time around, hit another HR…?

Anyone notice another bad call in this game by Jerry Meals? And the only thing he has to do is ump the foul line and blows that call! Then I find out that “C’mon I dare you to question me” Joe West is working the other playoff series. Sounds like MLB is not using the best rated umps, but working on a union contract that makes them give all the umps a chance to make extra bucks working the off season no matter what ability or lack of ability they have.

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