Halladay’s Moment

This is why Roy Halladay is here.

Games like this.

Halladay will get to prove his worth Friday night in Game 5 of the NLDS at Citizens Bank Park. I’m sure everybody is wondering how things were in the clubhouse after the game. In short, not as bad I thought. I mean, it certainly could have been worse. But there wasn’t a funeral parlor feel to things, and I think going home and having Halladay on the mound is a big reason why.

Yes, their backs are against the wall. Yes, the offense has been stagnant the last three games. Yes, there will be a lot of pressure.

But they have Halladay.

Honestly, I think the players are probably more confident than the fans. Not that the fans won’t be confident, but I think they will be on edge. If things go bad early I’m sure you’ll be able to hear a pin drop in the ballpark. The offense can make sure that doesn’t happen by putting together some better at-bats. The difference between the Cardinals and the Phillies the past three games has been staggering. Just seems the Cardinals are putting together so many more quality at-bats. That’s got to change. If it does I think Halladay will take care of the rest.


how about the pitching keeping the leads given them. RAJ put together a rotation that is supposed to be able to hold a 4-0 lead (Lee) and a 2-0 lead (Oswalt). Yes, the O has been lsporatic, but it’s put us out in front each of the games we loss. The pitching has let us down this series. They simply aren’t doing the job they are paid to.

I agree. How about Halladay not allowing the Phillies to get three runs behind before even coming to bat?

H O W A R D…he will sum up this series if he does not get his head in the game! Notice how far back he has drifted away from the plate? His success is generated when up on the plate. When he drifts back, he opens up the front shoulder and sees less outside of the plate. Why is Greg Gross noticing this…St. Louis obviously did…the made their batter’s box larger knowing Howard is a creature of habit…compare this to CBP…

Um … OK. The batter’s box is made with a steel template. They’re all the same. Maybe you should check your TV.
Perhaps Todd can give you Gross’ cell phone number and you can call him with your valuable insight.

So the Cardinals ground crew cannot screw around with a template? And you know all templates are the same how? But beyond that, muleman, you just seem to be such a sucker for authority figures.

I know nothing about baseball technique, but even I noticed how far Howard was standing from the plate. He can’t possibly hit balls on the outside part of the plate standing back there. Early in the season the coaches persuaded Howard to move closer. What happened?

pherris: And you just enjoy giving me a hard time. Probably get a little stiffy when you type that dribble. How do you know the templates AREN’T the same? And why are we even discussing such a ridiculous notion?

I get the sense that things are not going to end well for Ryan Howard in Philadelphia. I can’t help but think that public sentiment will eventually turn against him entirely and he’ll get run out of town. Maybe not this year, and maybe not next year, but it will likely happen eventually. Not that this is right or wrong — there still something to be said for a guy able to put up 30 HRs and 120 RBI each year — but games like last night certainly don’t endear him to anyone. Perhaps it’s a testament to his mental toughness that he hasn’t already cracked under the pressure of people questioning his ability in the clutch, but how long can he withstand the barrage of people talking about how much he sucks?

Howard aside, the issue last night wasn’t the offense. THePhillies spent millions on Lee and Oswalt so that 3 runs would be enough to win games. The pitching has lost 2 leads that they never should have!! lets lay blame where it belongs.

anyone else notice a trend, though”
2008 win WS
2009 win pennant lose WS
2010 Win 1st round lose penant
2011 dare I say lose 1st round? they better buck this trend. Its the day of attonement, they better atone for the sin of losing last night

You forgot 2007, when they got swept by the Rockies in the first round. I haven’t seen a trend yet, since they still have game 5 to play. But, you already have them losing that, so go ahead and make up your trends.

It was a good idea to use Oswalt rather than Worley? Wasn’t it?

Why not go full-out and use Valdez at third and Schneider behind the plate, since Polanco and Ruiz have been useless. Keep the ridiculous comments coming, gang.

So substituting Worley for Oswalt would have been comparable to substituting Valdez for Polanco or Schneider for Ruiz? Here I thought you knew something about baseball, muleman.

Really. And pinch hit Bennie for Howard. That’s the ticket.

Oversized batter’s box templates. Wow.

I don’t care about Halladay, the offense or stats or who’s coming out of the bullpen, or any of it. I just want to see this team play as if they care about winning. To talk to them is to get one story, but watching them is another. I understand that when you’re not hitting you look lifeless, but those at-bats have projected a sense of little interest in the games or the situations. They need to drop the “we got this” thing, and play with intensity, with heart. They can’t rely on the mechanical wins any longer. They need to earn it.

Ruiz has been a real surprise this postseason. In the past he has been Senor Octobre. He has hit the ball hard though. Polly on the other hand has not looked good although he made a heck of defensive play.

mule, I, like you, hope that they win tomorrow night. However, the way they’ve been playing doesn’t fill me with confidence. They dont seem to have that drive you see in champion teams. They aren’t hungry enough. Hopefully Doc will come thru like he normally does

Phils haven’t played up to their capability the first four games, hitting or pitching. I can’t say I’m surprised that the hitting hasn’t been great, but who would have guessed that their vaunted starters would have a combined 4.50 ERA through 4 games? Still, Halladay at home in a winner-take-all game, I’m confident in the Phils.

i’m confident in “Shit Happens”

muleman, no one seems to enjoy busting chops here as much as you do as evident by how often you do it. I just wish that you would learn to STFU once in awhile.

Now, now boys. Stop squabbling. We’re all on the same team.
I think.

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