Here We Go …

It’s Game 5, so here’s a little Roy Halladay warm up music to get you in the mood.


Great music to warm up to, gets you moving!

Roy Halladay has made 84 career starts on five days’ rest. He has a .714 winning percentage in those games and an ERA (2.59) almost one full run better than on normal rest (3.42). An extra-rested Halladay has held opponents to a batting average 22 points lower than usual and a slugging percentage 44 points lower. In such games, his opponents’ OPS is 15 percent worse.

Halladay made 10 starts on five days’ rest this season, and went 7-1 with a 2.29 ERA and three complete games. Last year, he was 9-2 with a 1.44 ERA, four complete games and two shutouts. Put it all together and Halladay is 16-3 with a 1.81 ERA – and 143 strikeouts to only 23 walks – on five days’ rest as a Phillie.

As long as he doesn’t put the Phillies in a 3-0 hole before they even get to bat things will go well.

It sucks so much to think that Doc could pitch 9 innings of 1 run ball and lose, Come on bats, wake the F up, Roy’s got this.

Amazing that you wrote this before the game. I know all the phans are hurting, but this was a baseball treat to those who don’t bleed Philly red. Two unbelievable pitchers, needless to say.

Tonight we get to see the matter of which Roy Halladay is composed.

Oh did the Frillies go one and out in the playoffs? And Penis Pain keeps gloating over how the Frillies always win the big ones. I guess the Beatles said it best “Can’t buy me love, money can’t buy me love…………… Damn shame, Epic fail by Frillies offense. And the boy with the little weinus can choke on this one. It’s kind of ironic, if the Braves hadn’t collapsed, Frillies wouldn’t have been facing the Cards and might have had a slim chance. Such a shame.

Doctober!!!!!! LMFAO. The one year where the Yankees weren’t up to snuff to challenge your championship run, you screw the pooch against the wild card team that just snuck in. Just goes to show that karma is a you know what. When you have a city of losers backing you, you are bound to have it bite you in the rear. Eat it Philly. Eat it alllllll!!!!!!

I’ve sat all year while 2 select phillies fans decided it was fun to incessantly instigate over on the braves blog. The braves collapsed, but your team was a $173 million dollar FAILURE. For the rest of you Phillies fans who’ve been respectful, I apologize, and I genuinely hope Howard heals quickly. Two the two I’m obviously speaking to, enjoy your October in the same place we are… it only cost you twice as much money.

That’s right, Chris. I’d be willing to bet any amount of money that one of those phrauds was my boy Phan52. The biggest hater alive, who’s been conveniently quiet tonight. I loved ragging on this loser when the Yanks trashed em in 09. Come back from crying into your pillow buddy and eat ittttttt!

Wow. Braves and Yankees fans trolling. The irony. One, the most gutless bunch in the NL, and the other, the most expensive failure in modern professional sports history. How’s A-Rod and Chipper treating you guys lately?

Yeah, Fran52 and PenisPain, where are you when it comes time to take your medicine. You are clearly GirlyMen.

The girly men are the gutless clowns in Braves uniforms who had one of the more monumental meltdowns in MLB history.

Hey Laughing, everybody’s tough when hiding behind a computer. Why don’t you post your home address in the comments section? How ’bout it tough guy?

lol… typical philly fan… way to play into the stereotype.

Ironic that you say that about “Laughing”. When he first came here, his handle was his email address. I assume he learned his lesson, since he took the time to change his handle to something juvenile. But that was after he was probably forced to change his email address as well.

Yea sure its 69 YouLoveMen Way in Buttloving Philthadelphia. When you come, bring a spoon so you can eat my ***. You people in that joke of a city are so pathetic. Get mad little guy. get mad.

LOL!! Did you get a date yet? We all saw your pathetic attempts because you are such a dumb shit, leaving your email address as a handle on a message board.
Mad, indeed.

Chris – same question to you.

and since you’re so smart and have it all figured out, along with your home address, why don’t you type out your description of the typical Phillies fan. Don’t cop out and say something clever like, “whatever you are a-hole”. You don’t know me so you can’t say that. But let’s hear your description.

well, for one, you’re calling out people who have annoyed you on a blog to post their address, I assume so you can go fight them (while at the same time calling other people internet tough guys… yea…)

Philly fans are ‘typically’ overly aggressive, obnoxious fans with a very skewed perception of the world and where they fit in it. I realize I’m stereotyping here, but you’re the one asking people to post their addresses on a blog, “tough guy,” so as I said before, you’re playing into that sterotype. There are plenty of philly fans who don’t act this way… it just seems that you’re not one of them.

I am a respectful Phillies fan, but have no respect for douchebag pussies like yourself that go out of your way to come to other team’s sandboxes and start throwing toys around. If there are Phillies fans that have done that to you, then they are douchebags too. But you’re no better. I would never go to the Braves blog and say anything just like I would never kick a three legged dog or dump over an elderly person in their wheelchair. I pity you. So crawl back to your little irrelevant cave and stay the f**k off this one.

For someone acting so tough you sure are sensitive. Anyone got a tissue for this guy? It’s ok buddy, you’ll be ok. It’s just baseball. No wonder why your fans come to our blog, I wouldn’t want to deal with this every day either!

I have no need to come back here so no need to push so hard to get rid of me. I’m only sticking around because you seem to love me so much… you’ve gone from asking for my address to telling me to F off… make up your mind!

Maybe stop acting like you’re going to travel across the country to fight a random internet poster over what started as a fairly innocuous post and you’ll be taken a little more seriously.

Nice post Kippy. You start out saying you are a “respectful Frillies Fran” and wind it up telling a poster to “stay the fuck off this one”. Maybe you should check Websters under Ironic.

Billy, re-read my post you fucking idiot. I am a respectful fan but not to douchebags and you can now include yourself in that group! Can you read? If you can, re-read the post before making an asinine comment. You can’t even put two thoughts together to come up with a cogent, correlative argument. Sorry if you have to go to the dictionary to look those up! How many times have you been hitting refresh yesterday waiting for me to respond? Sorry it took me so long, you must have wasted the whole day. Don’t bother replying because I won’t see it. Braves are irrelevant, you’re irrelevant. Keep hitting refresh though. Nice life!

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