Crushing Disappointment

If you’re stunned, shocked, saddened, whatever, you’re not alone. I think a lot of Phillies fans feel that way. I think the Phillies feel that way, too.

A couple scenes from the clubhouse to illustrate that point:

  • Roy Halladay sitting at his locker for more than 20 minutes after the final out. It looked like he couldn’t bring himself to remove his uniform. He pitched a hell of a game. He deserved much, much better.
  • Shane Victorino grabbing a sleeve of World Series tickets from his locker, tearing them into pieces and tossing them in the trash before leaving the ballpark.

More to come in the coming days …


I heard St. Louis has a free agent first baseman…

If you ever meet Ryan Howard you can say whatever you want without fear of him doing ANYTHING to you – just make sure you tell him your name is BreakingBall.

Not to take anything away from Chris Carpenter’s brilliance, but the Phillies lineup needs a good shrink. Hot, cold, hot, cold… NO OTHER TEAM IN BASEBALL IS SO CONSISTENTLY STREAKY. Can’t they just score somewhere between 2 to 4 runs everyday like every other team? We don’t need 10 runs and we sure don’t need 0.

Hope Howard is ok, I felt sick seeing that for the last out

It was a wasted season.

A fitting end for the perpetual choke artist. The team will surely do better without his next year. Unless someone does to him what they do to broken down race horses.

Why don’t you ga back to your locker, davy Jones…..

Phillies will have to make some major moves this offseason to win their division. 3B and left field must be priorities. Atlanta and Washington will not roll over next year.

Who does Atlanta and Washington have who can compete with Halladay, Hamels and Lee? The division isn’t the problem for this team next year.

Thought I would go back to my post of last year (october 8, 2011) to let Phan52 know I wasn’t so crazy with my prediction. Atlanta and Washington would not roll over

an ending befitting of a classic horror flick.

I’m a Very disappointed phillies fan. Halladay should of started on short rest on Wednesday, Lee on Friday, and Pence needs to learn how to protect base stealer’s with a swing to help distract the catcher, the count was only(0-0). And why not sit Howard against lefties, you know he doesn’t enjoy being that embarrassed. And what about letting Velez play 3rd, Palonco just can’t hit, they knew he was injured.

Reading what you said about Vic just broke my heart. Damn.

if he hadn’t lost the ball in game 4 he might have been able to use them. DOn’t feel sorry for Victorino. He made how many millions to lose?

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Is it true that phans threw stuff onto the field at Ryan when he fell? I wasn’t able to see the game, thankfully. I listened to it on radio, but turned it off on the ground out. Some fans of other teams have come onto the boards to call phans classless. If some phans did that, they are truly classless.

Now that the season is over, I hope Oswalt retires. His back will only get worse with age and the Phils could use the money elsewhere. Kendrick is capable of getting .500 record in a full season.

Right now, the extent of Ryan’s injury is the biggest concern for the team. I know a lot of phans hate him now but he’ll be a Phillie for a long time, so get over it. He is still one of the most productive hitters in MLB. The Phils will need him next year to get to the postseason, regardless of how you may feel about that.

you do know hes a free agent?

Who is a free agent? Oswalt? No he isn’t, the Phillies have a team option.

It’s actually a mutual option. I think he’s done in Philly.

I’m not a johnny-come-lately BIG GLOVE SPITTER hater, I was on his case for 2 years now. You’re deluding yourself if you think this team, or any team, cannot win without the likes of this BIG PIECE. He is a HEADCASE of the first class. Even Charley said he’s not seeing the ball, picking up the ball…that’s why he looks so pathetic in the batter’s box. No mention of a bad foot keeping him from hitting, only from running at full gallop.

He sucked in Reuben with that 58 home run season, said he could do it again, that he could ‘carry’ the team to victory. Just so much BS to get a golden parachute, long term contract. How could Reuben be so gullible?

Oswalt packed his locker. I mean he took the rolls of gauze with him. Howard will never recover from that injury, a guy who works out might, but sluggo, no chance. It’s kind of fun to watch the phans eat their young though.

You need a life, dude. If you have to get off by just insulting fans of other teams, you’re probably not much of a real man. Have a nice offseason… Don’t come back.

Awww, such clever repartee. I realize that’s a big word for a Frilly Fran website, but I am sure you boys can look it up.

He can and will recover from that injury. My husband had a ruptured achillies tendon, and had the surgery along with a tendon transfer at age sixty two. He made a complete recovery and there is nothing he cannot do that he did before. It is not the end of the world, just a long rehab, I am so disgusted with all the negative comments about the Phillies since their loss, I find it hard to believe that you are a Phillies fan. You are so full of gloom and doom. Miserable much?

Frilly Fans. They are thinking about using them in biology class from now on. Simplest form of life.

It fascinates me the way some people use sports to make them feel better about themselves. As though the team is somehow a reflection of who they are. No team represents peope and no people represent a team. It’s called a franchise for a reason.
Get over this and concentrate on your lives.

muleman, have you heard anything about Ryan’s injury? If he tore his acchilles tendon, he’ll be out until midseason next year, won’t he?

Yep. Eskin is reporting that it’s a torn achilles. He’ll be out till May or June. From what he said post-game, it didn’t sound good. He talked about hearing a popping noise and how it burned. Mayberry just became the first baseman, I’d guess.
Last year’s defeat left me bitter for weeks. I’d decided that I wasn’t going to allow anything similar to bother me to that extent again. Last night’s game was a test for me. I’m over it.

Estimate is a may return for a normal player. Probably career ending for the the slug.

The “slug” was playing the last 3 months on a bad heel and an ankle injury. I’d guess that the injury last night was a result of him not resting and going out to play regardless. His body gave out on him. He’s far above normal, and the only slugs are people like you who sit in your pajamas typing junk on web sites.

It took a torn achilles to bring down Ryan Howard. It took the Phillies AAA bullpen from Allentown to bring down the Braves.
…slugs, indeed…

I am still in a state of shock. It’s really ironic that Howard once again made the last out. I was so hoping he could redeem himself. However watching him fall down in such pain made the loss even more hard to take. It reminded me of a tragic opera in some ways.

I had no idea that Pence had a sports hernia and Hamels had lose bodies in his elbow.

Wow wow wow – some harsh words, totally not necessary or warranted, for Ryan Howard. Some of you need some major professional help.

Can’t wait for Ryan Howard to feel better and back at what I love watching him do!!!

here’s an idea–sign puhols or prince as FA. rade Howard to AL as DL for 3b and prospects. Let Jroll walk, bring up Gavins and eat the offense difference. Say goodby to oswalt and Ibanez.
starting 8: Ruiz, Puhols/Prince, Utley, new 3B, Gavins, Mayberry/brown (platoon), SHane, Pence. ROtation: Doc, Lee, Hammels, WOrley, Blanton. PB: Madson (CL), Bastardo, Shutes,

Wake up, FIJ. Where are they going to get the money to sign Fielder or Pujols? Hamels and Pence are arbitration eligible, they need a SS, the pitchers are due big salary increases. They have to sign Madson … It ain’t going to happen. Mayberry will probably be the 1B until Howard recovers.
(and there’s only one ‘m’ in Hamels)

Who is Gavins? And yeah, I’m sure there are plenty of takers for a $125MM DH with an achilles injury.
BTW, it’s Freddy Galvis. And he would make a perfect 8-hole hitter. Just like JRoll, right?

I think FIJ needs to put the crack pipe down and get back to reality. That starting 8 would be lucky to beat the Nationals.
Hamels. Christ – Hamels. One m.

Pujols/Fielder will never sign with a bunch of choke artist! Howard is overrated and I’m sad to be a phillie fan,after this season I will start rooting for the Cardinals bc they have heart not like this weaksauce team!!!!

so who do you root for when the Cards disappoint you? i love my Phillies win or lose. Obviously I would love to see them win every game, but I am adult enough to know that won’t happen. So please, take your bad attitude and move on. You will not be missed!!!

good for you Bdiddy, and don’t let the doornob hit your sorry ass on the way out

if you sign jroll, move him to 3rd, galvis (thanks for the correction) is at SS.I’m not happy with Mayberry at 1b, as that leaves LF to Brown and we’ve seen he is not at MLB level yet. As for Madson, there are tons of closers on the market this year. I would play the market. We need help in LF, SS, 3B, mid inning relief, a #6 starter (rotation is doc, lee, hamels, worley and blanton with Kendrik as long relief again)
we need to get younger and hungrier very quickly

You say Brown isn’t ready, but you pencil in Galvis at ss and you haven’t even seen him. He isn’t ready. Jimmy isn’t going to third, and I think you’d better get happy with Mayberry at first base. What other choice do they have while Howard is recovering?
A #6 starter? WTF?
I think we’re stuck with what we have.

I’ve been a Phanatic since the struggling days of getting past the Big Red Machine. My heart sank like thousands of other fans, but I am grateful for playing at least five more games than a majority of other teams. Remembering the real disappointment of ’76, ’77 & ’78 reminds me that a 1980 or 2008 season will happen again. Enjoy the fact that they went from 1993 to 2007 sucking exhaust!

Feh. A fan since the late 70s? Gee, you’ve paid your dues, eh? I’ve been here since ’64. Who cares if they played 5 more games than the Astros? Your standards are too low.
Those late 70s teams were young and talented. This team is talented, but their time is passing. Big difference.
I don’t enjoy history. I’m only interested in now and tomorrow.

yeah mule, a # 6 starter. The guy who fills in when one goes down with injury. Think of our staff this year without Worley or Kendrick. you always need a backup option. As for Galvis, he’s suposed to be the best glove around and hit .290+ in his stayin AAA this year. Yeah, I know he’s not going to hit that in the MLB, but he is the replacement for Rollins. I’m suggesting taking a chance and doing it now and see if Rollins takes a 3 year deal to play 3B (though from todd’s twits today, that seems not likely). I don’t give JROll 4 years even if he only takes 5 mill a year. He has at best 3 productive years left. I don’t want another Situation like we have with Polly, Ibanez, etc where we gave them contracts for too many years

F-I-J, Kendrick is the # 6 starter, if such a thing exists. And that is if they decide to buy out Oswalt’s option. Oswalt could still decide that he’d willing to stay another year at less money. Longshot yeah, but possible.
And why would you want one of the top 5 fielding SS’s in MLB to play 3B? Why would HE want to play 3B? JRoll is still the best option available (I don’t consider Reyes an option) for the Phillies. He wants to stay, the Phillies have the money, make a reasonable deal and make it happen. Five years is out of the question and I think most MLB GM’s agree.

what is your option for 3b then? Polly isn’t the answer as we’ve seen the past 2 years. He’s grat when he’s healthy, but tht is maybe 15% of the time at this point. JRoll, with his great arm would be able to handle 3B with no problem and it would even legnthen his career as he needs less range. IMHO, win win for him and the team

Polanco had surgery today and, if he is healthy, he will be the Phillies third baseman. JRoll doesn’t want to play 3B and wouldn’t agree to it.

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