Hamels Has Two Surgeries

The Phillies announced that Cole Hamels had two successful surgeries Friday.

He had a hernia repaired and loose bodies removed from his left elbow.

The Phillies said Hamels should begin a throwing program in three to four weeks. Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said earlier this week that Hamels will be ready for the beginning of Spring Training. Hamels went 14-9 with a 2.79 ERA in 32 appearances this season.


I am happy to hear that Cole’s two surgeries went well.

Gotta get healthy for that 6 month grind into the playoffs

i had hernia surgery 4 years ago. i was obviously ahead of the curve

Cole will be just fine. Neither Cole nor the team seems concerned about the elbow surgery and Cole always takes special care with his health.

What is with this team and hernias?

I wonder it it has something to do with the Phillies weight training program.

The should use the “Les Mills” body pump program. If a bunch of middle-aged women can take an hour long weight training session, then these guys will definitely benefit! (I’m only kidding!) Get well everyone!

I often wonder about the training programs. I get the whole “play through injuries” mindset. But there’s a very fine line of not helping the team, when you’re injured, and actually hurting the team.

Norma, I agree with what you posted, but I think Charlie’s loyalty makes him keep the player in longer than some other managers might. Poly had no right playing with two hernias ;o(

Maybe they should lighten up on the weight training and just play baseball? There’s a novel concept.

I always cringe when I read the term ‘loose bodies’ removed from an arm, it just goes to show how much damage a pitcher really does to his arm over the course of his career.

Hope all is well for Spring Training for Cole Hamels, he had an awesome season with again a serious lack of run support especially toward the end of the regular season.

After every expert in baseball picked the Phils to get to the WS this year, we all found out that this is the Year of the Bullpen. The Cards’ and Rangers’ starters are mediocre, but both their pens have been outstanding. We saw the Cards pen shut down the Phils every game after the first. The Rangers’ pen was 4-0 in the ALCS, while their starters were 0-2 with an Adam-Eaton-looking ERA.

The Cardinals and the Rangers made it work, but I’ll still take the Phillies model, with the strong starting pitching. The Phillies bullpen didn’t hurt them against the Cardinals, In fact, the starters had all of the decisions. A couple of them didn’t do the job, but I’d like another shot at game 2, giving Cliff Lee a four run lead, and getting six innings at that Cardinals bullpen. Win that, and it’s a sweep.
That game was a complete anomaly and would never happen like that again. Bad timing, and the serendipity of baseball.

True. The irony of the whole situation is that Cliff Lee signed with the Phils because he loved his time in Philly but ALSO because he felt it gave him the best chance to win a World Series Championship. He ends up being the main reason why the Phils get knocked out in the NLDS. PLUS he may end up watching his old team win it all WITHOUT him…….. a bitter pill to swallow.

Polanco should be told that he is going to be a bench player in 2012. Bye-Bye Jimmy and Mad Dog. Jason Werth is lonely in DC. He’s a clown.

Gotta keep Madson. Amaro said as much. I think they will.

phan: Where did you hear Amaro say he needed to keep Madson? The quote I heard was that he feels that there are free agent closers on the market and he’s willing to shop. I don’t think he’s committed to Madson, if the money isn’t right.

I hope they resign Madson. Especially since he’s a product of the Phil’s farm system. Would also like to see Ibanez back for year whether it’s platooning or as LH bat off the bench.

karen: I said the same thing about Ibanez signing a 1-year deal. In my perfect world (where there also are 2 leagues and no wild card teams) he’d relish the opportunity to play for a winner, regardless of his role and accept a reduced salary. But in the real world (where I live) he’ll go for some big dollar contract in the American League and play out his days with a sub-.500 club.

“2 leagues” … I meant no divisions. Two leagues without all the divisional nonsense.

What exactly is the deal with Domonic Brown? There was a time when the dude raked LV, got called up, did well at first then sucked, went back, worked on his swing, came back sucked some more , went back and stunk in LV…… I think that might be the reason LeMar is gone. I don’t know who screwed up, but it seems painfully clear that Domonic may not even be ready to play for the Phils next April. WHAT HAPPENED??????!!!

It wasn’t just LaMar who was fooled. The so-called experts at Baseball America had him highly ranked too. Meanwhile, it looks like he isn’t a very good defensive RF either, which shouldn’t have anything to do with the Major Leagues.
Ruben was saying that he “may need another year at AAA.” That’s disconcerting. That was before Howard’s injury, which probably throws a monkey wrench into their OF plans, now that Mayberry could be forced to play 1B. Who is the LF next year?

muleman, when Amaro made his statement about Brown needing more time in AAA (about 500 at-bats, to be specific) it was at his post-NLCS presser, AFTER Howard was hurt. Brown is never going to play RF for the Phillies, BTW. If you remember, they just traded for one.

And learn to read between the lines. He talked about both Madson and JRoll. He spoke extensively and glowingly about Madson, while most of what he said about JRoll was how difficult it was going to be to sign him. I believe he has every intention to keep Madson and, considering the contract they gave Lidge, they have no problem with a premium when.signing a closer.

What the Phillies signed Lidge for in 2008 doesn’t show squat about how they value a closer in 2012. Back then they didn’t have the $20 million + contracts per year of your boy Halladay or those of Lee or Howard. In 2009, the first year of the Lidge contract, the Phillies payroll was $113 million. It is already $112 million for 2012 for about 15 of 25 roster spots. The Phillies needs include not only a closer but also another outfielder, a shortstop, and a backup catcher. Contrary to your belief often spouted here, the Phillies do not have a bottomless well of revenue.

Oh, there’s PenisPain with his baseball proclamations again. God, this guy don’t know squat. Another Frillie poster blowhard who knows nothing about the game. So typical. So will Howard’s offseason regimen include a training diet of Cheese steaks? I bet that guy weighs 400 lbs. by the time he gets back.

phan: When did I say Brown was going to play RF? I know they traded for Pence. Don’t insult my intelligence. I was talking about his defense when he PLAYED right field. Geez.

i don’t think he has any intention of keeping Madson if he can find someone cheaper and just as effective – ala a veteran closer. I know how to read, too.

If Raul Ibanez Ibanez will take about a $1 million incentive laden contract, I might consider signing him again. He has shown up for about half of his just completed 3 year contract so from where is all of this sentiment coming? He has an abysmal career record coming off the bench and he is not exactly your prototypical late inning defensive replacement. He stats with the Phillies are consistent with the career trajectory of a player in a non-steroid era meaning a downward spiral. Forget getting a big offer, he will be lucky to get any offer.

pherris, I agree with what you postsed about Raul, except I think he has a chance of playing for the Mariners next year, as a DH of course. For whatever reason, he seems to play well there when everyone else’s offense suffers from playin there.

Erich, I hope you are right and the Mariners save Junior from himself.

Guess what pherris…the Phillies didn’t have 220 consecutive sellouts in 2008 and everybody in Philadelphia didn’t have at least 2-3 articles of clothing with a Phillies logo on it. They are printing money at CBP and the state of their payroll is not as much of an issue as you state. They need to keep that bandwagon rolling, and one of the ways to do it is to have a consistent closer, as Madson has proved to be. Plus, the only health issues he’s ever had was when he lost a kick-fight with a chair. Re-upping Madson is a no-brainer.

phan52, I don’t see Boarass advocating a hometown discount. He will try to get something like 5 years for $75 million. I don’t see him settling for less than $13 million per year and not fewer than 4 years. Madson is still young….

If the Phils could get Heath Bell for less money and fewer years, I’d love to see him in a Phillie uniform. I’ve enjoyed watching him pitch out here on the West Coast for a few years now.

Where did I say anything about a discount? Madson is going to get paid and the Phillies would be wise to be the ones to pay him. But 5 years for $75MM is ridiculous, and even Boreass knows that,

I spotted at least 5 people sporting Phillies attire yesterday. Sign Madson – the sky is the limit.

I heard Ruben on the radio saying that he can’t watch the WS and that he’s pretty much watched about 12 innings of baseball since they lost. I was kind of with him until recently, but I’ve found myself going over to the games the last couple of days. Can’t help it. I’m a baseball fan. The first two games of the WS were nailbiters and last night’s game was pretty good until Napoli took Boggs downtown. Tonight SHOULD be a pretty good pitchers’ duel, but you never know.
Go Rangers!

People who “can’t watch” the World Series are just missing out on some good baseball. Sore losers?
Baseball did it to itself. Play 162 games and go into a 5-game series just to advance to the next round. Playing that many games only to have to win 11 more invites all sorts of things, like a hot team getting in while the great ones are eliminated.
And they talk about adding another round of playoffs? They’re going backwards.

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