Phillies Decline Options for Lidge, Oswalt

This is no surprise, but …

The Phillies officially declined the 2012 options for Brad Lidge and Roy Oswalt.

“While we will not pick up either of their options, we will remain in contact with representatives for both players about the possibility of bringing them back for the 2012 season,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said in a statement.  “Brad and Roy both made significant contributions to the Phillies over the past several seasons.”

Lidge, 34, went 0-2 with one save and a 1.40 ERA in 25 appearances this season. He struck out 23 batters in 19.1 innings, an average of 10.7 strikeouts per 9.0 innings pitched.  In four seasons (2008-11) with Philadelphia, Lidge posted a 3-11 record with 100 saves and a 3.73 ERA.  In 22 postseason appearances, he went 1-1 with 12 saves in 12 opportunities and a 1.77 ERA. Lidge will receive a $1.5 million buyout for the Phillies declining their club option.

Oswalt, also 34, went 9-10 with a 3.69 ERA in 23 starts for the Phillies this past season.  In 36 regular season games (35 starts) since being acquired from the Houston Astros on July 29, 2010, he was 16-11 with a 2.96 ERA. Oswalt will receive $2 million for the Phillies declining their side of a mutual option.

UPDATE: Agents for both Oswalt and Lidge said their clients are interested in returning to Philly.


So the Phillies gave up JA Happ for nothing. Thank you, Junior. Oh, I almost forgot I did see 7 more people with Phillies attire. Not enough to re-sign Oswalt but maybe enough for Madson.

Yeah, wife and I were pissed when they gave up J.A.Happ. Oswalt wasn’t that impressive this year. Couldn’t break .500 all season. Not surprised both aren’t coming back.

Yeah….because JA Happ was awesome this year. It’s not like he didn’t have an ERA over 5 or was sent down to the minors this year or anything….

Oh wait…. he was.

Oswalt was awesome as well. Don’t you think?

while Happ looked promising in ’10, he was a total wash this year. Giving him up wasn’t as bad as we feared, and Roy Jr may be back, just for less then 16 million. the question is: looking back, should we have done the Lidge for Bourn deal?

How can you question the Lidge for Bourn trade?
If we dont make that trade we don’t have a World Series in ’08.

How quickly people forget in Philly.

Thanks Dan. All I could get out was “what.”

J.A. Happ struggled most of the year until he came back from being sent down to the minors. He was only 6-15 with a 5.35 ERA. Oswalt helped out the Phillies quite a bit last season so I wouldn’t say they traded Happ for nothing.

Are you guys shittin me with these posts? Questioning both trades? You all should not be allowed back into CBP.

phillykid74, why would we shit you? You’re are favorite turd.

I’m not saying the Lidge/Bourn trade was bad-I’m saying that the Happ/Oswalt trade was great. With Bourn we gave up a all-star to win a WS, though i do admit to dreaming of a OF of Victorino (LF) Bourne (CF) Pence (RF) sometimes

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Amazing. Some people have very short memories. Or convenient ones, to fit their narrative.

I don’t question either trade. Oswalt was big last season. Happ is average at best right now. And Lidge was a key part of the 2008 championship, obviously. What I do question is why the Phillies signed Lidge to a 3 year extension after 2008… given his injuries and inconsistency with the Astros. For the most part, the 3 year extension was a horrible deal for the Phillies. Phillies have become burdened with contracts for old aging injury-proned players that just don’t perform up to them. We are already stuck with guys like Polanco and Howard. I hope Phillies are smart with Rollins and Madson and don’t make the same mistake. This team needs to get younger.

A bit sad to see Lidge possibly leave even though it wasn’t a surprise. He’s a decent guy and of course will always be remembered for 2008.

Lidge is a great guy and a player we enjoyed watching and rooting for. He’s a stand-up guy and never made excuses and was always positive – to a fault – and we were fortunate that he had his career year with the Phillies.

Local news reported that Lidge really wants to stay in Philly, and isn’t really testing the free agent waters. Hopefully we can get him at a discount. He did a decent job, in the ‘pen, last year. And doesn’t have any expectations of being a closer, again.

I don’t see how getting him “at a discount” would make him a better pitcher. Regardless of his price tag, they have to look at other options.

Bad, bad move Ruben. You should have kept these high $$$ but washed up players. In fact, get some more gimpy ones. Then the sellout crowds at the Bank and the millions who watch on TV can cheer as they try to make plays on canes, crutches and walkers. What a comedy of errors that would be. Can’t be any worse than what I got to see against the Cards. Instead of a contender, make this team an all out comedy. So we can say, “YES, we are actually laughing at you as well as with you.” To paraphrase Henny Youngman, “Take these Phils, pleaze.”

I wonder how low Lidge’s willing to go….

Maybe he feels guilty taking all that money without having to work for most of it since ’08. Lidge clearly wants to win another WSC with the Phils and he’s willing to take less to re-sign with them. I think Lidge still has a lot of good baseball left in him, but I don’t think the Phils should invest too much in him. Whatever contract they offer him should be LOW RISK-HIGH REWARD, which means heavily laden with incentive bonuses.

He’s a great guy in the clubhouse to have but the price has to be right….

Do any of you guys believe it when you hear Li’l Roy’s agent saying that his back problem has been cured and it’ll never be a problem again and Roy’s ready to play for more than just next year?
It just proves that some agents will say/do anything for money…

The Phils won 102 games with Oswalt’s record under .500, which means they don’t need him at all. If they have the money they should spend it on guys who can hit over .300. I’m sick of hearing Charlie say the Phils can hit better for average when we all know they can’t. I even have a fear that Pence’s first full year with the Phils will have him batting under .300….. Is ICHIRO available? There’s a dude who really needs a change of scenery.

Ichiro? Sure, just what they need, another 38-year old outfielder. Besides, he’s under contract with Seattle for $17 million. Do you want to pay him that? He’s good, but his OPS, OBP and BA numbers have dropped the last 3 years. And, um … he’s a right fielder. You know, you CAN look this stuff up.

muleman, you crack me up sometimes. No wonder some pholks here hate you occasionally. If you read my post, you should have noticed that I put that last statement there after my serious posts. I love Ichiro. I have been following him since he came to MLB because he was the first Japanese positon player and his success or failure would make or break the barrier for Japanese players to come to MLB. He has been successful. TBC…

Finally broke down and started watching a couple of games ago. Pretty good WS. Go Rangers!!

Yes ichiro’s numbers have declined over the past few years, but he was still getting 200+ hits a season and should have gotten 100+ runs scored, except for the inept Mariners’ offense. This year he seemed to be more frustrated at the plate. He was pressing more than usual. I believe that he finally realized that the Mariners would never win a WSC in his time as a player.

Traditional Japanese are extremely loyal to their companies. Ichiro is no different. He will finish his career in a Mariners’ uniform, if they want him. He also knows he could help the team in a trade, by bringing in prospects. The Mariners have held on to him too long to get top prospects from anyone.

Last year Ichiro made a few uncharacteristic errors. I really think a change of scenery would help him return to his old self. This year, he beat out as many infield hits as he usually does, proving he still has speed. He stole 40 bases and was caught just 7 times. He played 161 games. Had 677 ABs.

My point is I DO KNOW ICHIRO. BTW, can’t Pence play left field, Mr. Knowitall?

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