The Market Is Open

This isn’t big news, but 148 players became free agents this morning. Free agents are eligible to sign with any team beginning at 12:01 a.m.  Thursday.

The Phillies have seven free agents:

  • Ross Gload
  • Raul Ibanez
  • Brad Lidge
  • Ryan Madson
  • Roy Oswalt
  • Jimmy Rollins
  • Brian Schneider


the only relevent ones on that list are Rollins (if he climbs down from 5 years to a reasonable 3 yrs), and Madson. Lidge and Oswalt at bottem prices (no more then 1 million and 4 million respectively)

I think the Phillies lose them all. How about that?

I would re-sign Madson if it was reasonable but, with Bore-ass as his agent, that’s probably not an option.

Keep Rollins(3 yrs) Madson(3 yrs.) Ibanez (1 yr.) Lidge I don’t keep because he doesn’t throw strikes.Oswald didn’t have as good a year as Kendrick.He goes.Schneider no.Gload,1yr. if he comes back healthy.

Schneider is a nice commodity since he’s a halfway decent back-up catcher. Not sure who’s out there to replace him. As I’ve said before it would be nice if Raul could stay for a reasonable amount as a good bench player or maybe to platoon with Brown/Mayberry in LF. Would like to see Madson and Rollins stay also. They’re “home grown”. It’s certainly going to be an interesting “Hot Stove”.

Scnieders has a good glove, but his bat was ice cold all season. Pudge is available.

I’d take Ibanez only if we get him real cheap, and he doesn’t take a place we could otherrwise give a kid. I’d love them to get Jerry Hairston, jr. He plays every posistion except c and has a decent, if not great bat. I’d also like them to make a play at Xavier Nady who may turn things around with a decent club. He can play both OF and 1B, just what we need. I figure our 6 man bench (8 starters, 11 pitchers) consists of C, 2 INF, 2 OF, 1 UTL

JRoll says he expects an offer from the Phillies before Thursday, the day that they lose exclusive negotiating rights. Frankly, I think the Phillies should find out the market for him before making a commitment. He ain’t getting five years from anybody.

I’d like to see Jimmy get resigned and then prognosticate a WSC in 2012 :o)

How much can Boarass get for a guy who only saved about half a seasons worth of saves for a marquis closer? $10 million a year would seem generous for a guy who hasn’t closed games in a complete season yet. Boarass is the best at instilling fear of loss in a GM, so we’ll have to wait and see. Personally, I’d love to see Heath Bell in Phillie uniform…

Ibanez could be a major bust as a bench player, since he only can get out of a slump by hitting below the Mendoza line for months at a time….. Plus he’s old. He should go back to Seattle and become the “Ancient Mariner”….

Gload could be great again with a repaired hip. The Phils should be able to keep him for pretty cheap.

Gload could be “great again”? When did he have his first incarnation of greatness?

Lidge and Oswalt are gone unless they willing to take ridiculously huge paycuts

Schneider had an incredible winning percentage as the starting catcher for the Phils. He could be back, since his hitting will keep his price low

Erik Kratz is on the 40-man roster. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the backup catcher in 2012. Cheap, decent catcher and an OK bat.

Wasn’t Schneider something like 22-4 as a starter for the Phils? That can’t be all luck. He sucks at hitting but they still win, maybe because he calls an even better game than Chooch does. I’m sure if you ask the pitchers, they would want Schneider back

Ryan Doumit is a good back up catcher available.
Ibanez I would like back to fill in at Gload’s spot (lefty bench bat – occasional OF/1B)
Rollins bring back hopefully no mare than 3yrs/approx $8-10mil.
With a real strong young pen bring in a much cheaper Nathan or such and use the savings for a decent-good utility/3B player(s)

No way on Schneider. How many games did he finish? Hardly any. What good is your backup catcher if he is a defensive liability in the later innings such that you need to put your starter back in?

I thought he didn’t finish because of his offense as in being pinch hit for late in games as needed.

Not sure if that was the reason. Either way, what does it say about Schneider? A legit back-up should be able to give Ruiz a full day off.

Schneider’s winning percentage as a starting catcher was incredible. Look it up yourselves. It was something like 22-4 this past season. Who gives a krap that he can’t hit if the Phils can win 80% of the games he starts?

You’re right. Hitting and defense don’t matter for a catcher. If he was so great and we won almost all the games he started, why didn’t Charlie make him the regular starter? By your logic, he should have. Bottom line: Schneider stinks. If you think the catcher is the only reason the team won those games, then there’s no point in having this discussion.

The only free agent that merits serious discussion is Madson. But If Boras is asking for too much, go with someone else — he ain’t Mariano Rivera and Phils are just getting out of another terrible contract with Lidge. Don’t make same mistake twice. Phils need to get younger, so everyone else is expendable… even Mr. Rollins. Get Furcal short-term for 1 year and see how Galvis progresses. Got plenty of young arms in AAA so signing Madson is not a must. Focus payroll on getting younger, getting better bench players, and make sure you get Cole signed. Phils are already way over-burdened by horrible long-term deals. The Ryan Howard deal is looking worse and worse everyday. Don’t keep making that mistake.

Admittedly, the Lidge contract worked out more to Brad’s favor than the Phillies’… But that said, if he comes back at 2-3M for a single year, or 3-4 for a 2-year deal, I wouldn’t balk at it. He’s a solid, late-inning reliever (best ERA on our ‘Pen this year) who had one bad year (2009) and one spectacular year (2008), and has never blown a save in the playoffs.

Rollins is the best option at SS at the moment, unless you believe Jose Reyes is going to remain healthier in the coming 5 years than he did in the last. Galvis doesn’t even have a full season at AA under his belt (he started 2011 in single-A ball), so I’d be very leery of anything that moves him to the MLB team before late 2013.

Did you know that the average of the Phillies in 2008 was 31.5 years? Did you know that the average age of the Phillies in 2011 was 30.8 years? Obviously, “getting younger” isn’t as useful a priority as many would seem to think.

Ryan Howard has led the team in RBIs every year he’s been starting. Yes, it’s an expensive contract. Yes, he strikes out a lot. Yes, coincidentally (you’re fooling yourself if you believe otherwise – this year he came up with nobody on and 2 outs), he’s been the last out in 2 consecutive playoff runs. The injury hurts, but even if he comes back at the same level he was in 2011, he still knocks in more RBIs than Ryan Braun, Troy Tulowitzki, Joey Votto, and every single member of the St. Louis Cardinals. Just to put things in perspective.

and they have the ring, and we had a long winter vacation. GIve me 5 guys with 80+ RBIs over 1 guy with 140 any day. THat what was son great about ’08, look at how many guys had 20+ HR and 80+ RbIs.

as for free agents, read a blog suggesting the Ibanez be resigned as the 1B while Howard is out. WHen Howard is back he become LHB off bench and 4th or 5th OF. THis allows Mayberry to play LF (or platoon with Brown) not the worst idea ever.

I completely agree with everything you posted, buster. Can you cut and paste this on the other boards?

I’d prefer that too, F_I_J. Does having someone who hits better than that preclude our other players from hitting that well? If not, how does that apply to Howard’s production?

I cried & whined until I found “Fowl Play,” & I haven’t even worn it. I’ve heard quite a few people say FP’s flecks don’t really show up on nails the way they do in the bottle. Still, it looks pretty, pretty on you!

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