People Like the Phillies

So we learned today Phillies assistant general manager Scott Proefrock will interview for Baltimore’s GM vacancy and Ryne Sandberg will interview for St. Louis’ managerial vacancy.

They’re not the only Phillies personnel teams are interested in.

Bench coach Pete Mackanin just interviewed for Boston’s managerial vacancy. Big league scout Jim Fregosi Jr. left to become special assistant to the general manager in Kansas City, and Double-A manager Mark Parent left to become the bench coach with the Chicago White Sox.

It is worth noting the Cubs have told Sandberg he will not be a candidate for their managerial vacancy. I believe if Mackanin gets hired somewhere, the Phillies would promote Sandberg as his replacement. The Phillies love Sandberg. In fact, I think if Sandberg somehow remains with the organization he would be a front runner to replace Charlie Manuel once his contract expires and he decides he has had enough of managing.


Todd, how about some alalysis on who we will pick up over the winter to fill the SS, Closer, 3B, bench, and bullpen instead of stating the obvious that Sandberg will replace Charlie when he leaves (if He’s still with the team, that is)

I hope Mackanin gets the Red Sox job. He’s deserving and a huge upgrade over Terry Francona. It would also give Sandberg an opening to get back into MLB as the Phillies bench coach.

I was over on the Redsox boards and I found out that Scosscia had signed a 10-year extension to manage the Angels. I was hoping he might be available to manage the Phils someday. Doesn’t look like it. Then I got to thinking that Lasorda and Scosscia both came from Philly and were MLB catchers who became successful managers and won WSC for other cities. This got me thinking of another hometown boy who was one of the greatest hitting catchers in MLB history….. Mike Piazza. I would love to see that success of Philly-born catchers that become successful managers in MLB, BUT THIS TIME for the Phillies. What do you guys think?

Who has Sandberg pissed off in Chicago? I thought that with his bona fides he would have been a slam dunk in Chicago by now.

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pherris: It doesn’t have anything to do with Chicago. There’s a new Sheriff in town. Epstein is calling the shots now. He stated he wants a MLB guy, and Sandberg hasn’t done it yet. His time will come.

That’s all fine and good, muleman. But would you rather have Terry Francona or Bobby Valentine instead of Ryn Sandberg? I think Theo may shoot himself in the foot, although he is interviewing Mackanin today who wouldn’t be a bad choice.

It isn’t about what I want. It’s about what Theo wants. Geez.

Did ever occur to you that the pissed off person is higher than Epstein’s pay grade?

Well, if Theo wants Terry Francona, he’s not as smart as some think. Francona in Boston reminds me of Barry Switzer when he was hired to coach the Cowboys. He didn’t have to do much, just send the players out on the field. The Cubs are going to need a little more than that.

Read where Grady Sizemore’s agent has put out the word that Sizemore is willing to take a short term, incentive laden contract. Wonder if Sizemore and Lee are best buds.

Grady hasn’t returned to form since his long absence due to injury. Perhaps he could be that great hitter again, but that remains to be seen. If he’s willing to take an incentive-laden contract for one season, that at least makes it sound like he’s confident he can get back on track; otherwise, he’d just try to get a Carlos Pena deal and HOPE it works out. But would Junior play firstbase then? Until Ryan comes back?

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