Thome Is Back

Jim Thome might have one last shot at a World Series championship, and he plans to take it with the Phillies.

Sources told this evening the Phillies and Thome have agreed to a one-year contract. The deal is pending him passing a physical. Terms are unknown, but I’m guessing it’s a low-risk signing for the Phillies (i.e. it’s relatively cheap). I’m not surprised this happened because the Phillies and Thome wanted to reunite this season. But there are plenty of interesting aspects to this signing: Can he play in the field? Can he get enough at-bats to stay sharp? Can he stay healthy?

If he can stay sharp and healthy, he provides the Phillies a left-handed power bat off the bench, which the Phillies needed this season.

Here’s a link to the story.


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Welcome back, Jim!! Break out those #25 shirseys.

Welcome back, Gentleman Jim. Virtually no-risk move. Looking forward to his re-introduction at CBP and the ovation.

basically replaces Gload but has more power. And I’m sure he can do adequate at first base. He could even push Howard to do better

I hope he will be doing YOGA and ballet to help him with his flexibility then….


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A nice sentimental choice. Nice to have him back and a great way to possibly end his career especially with Charlie as his manager.

Does a team that wants (and should) win something need “a sentimental choice” to do anything? No. Bring in some players and let’s get through the playoffs!

This move means GLoad is gone. IT is not an answer for 1B. Question about 1b is: do we prefer Mayberry at 1B and Brown/Fransisco at lf, Utley at 1B with Martinez/ Orr at 2B, Ibanez at 1B for cheap, or pick up a 1B somewhere to fill in

Why do the Phillies need someone at 1B before Mayberry is even given a chance to air it out? His improvement over the course of his career indicates that he will be at least adequate if not more. The last thing Junior needs to do is to give Charlie another veteran hook to hang his hat on before Mayberry’s performance proves it necessary.

pherris, I agree with you about Junior. I think the main issue is that the Phils can’t afford to risk losing any development Junior has made as a hitter by forcing him to spend more time learning how to play firstbase better. If that doesn’t effect his development as a hitter, I’m all for making Junior the everyday firstbaseman until Ryan returns.

Thome has played four games at 1B in six years. He didn’t even bring a glove to spring training last year. Nice bat off the bench, but I hope they’re not planning on him playing much in the field.

he won’t need to bring his glove to Florida this year either. He’s Matt Stairs replacement-a LF bat off the bench to hit HR. As for 1B, here’s my suggestion.
Move Utley to IB, move Polanco to 2B, play either Martinez/Valdez (who ever makes the team) at 3B, or play cuddyer if rumors are correct and we’re going to get him. Mayberry stays in LF, platooning with Brown. Shane and Pence stay put.

When Howard returns, He takes 1B, Utley to 2B, and either Poly or Cuddyer become the super U guy, giving people days off as needed.

Charlie needs to learn how to give guys days off even when not hurt to a) prevent nagging injuries from getting worse, and b) keep bench bats hot

Totally agree with you, F_I_J! There were also some rumors about getting David Wright. He’s probably a better option, at 3rd, than Cuddyer.

yeah, he is.He’d take cash and a load of players in return (Vanimal + Brown) Cuddyer would only take cash to get

OK, let’s examine the chances that Utley will move to first base.
Now that that’s done, let’s realize the reason Thome was brought back: It’s a feel-good move for the fans and a guy who can hit left-handed and won’t cost much. He’s in the wind-down portion of his career and they’ll be lucky to get .225 out of him this year.

At least they’ll have a lefthanded DH in interleague play🙂

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