Madson Talks Pick Up

Sources confirmed tonight that talks between the Phillies and Ryan Madson have ratcheted up, although it is unknown if the sides are any closer to a deal. first reported the Phillies making a “strong push” to keep Madson. cited a source saying the parties are “possibly nearing an agreement.”

Ruben Amaro Jr. does not discuss contract negotiations, but he said Saturday he cannot afford to be patient and let the free agency process drag deep into the winter. If that happens and Rollins and Madson ultimately sign elsewhere, they could find themselves without suitable replacements.

“If Jimmy and Ryan are not on our club, then we have to make sure we have the most potential choices,” he said. “We don’t want to let all of our options slip by, so we’re going to be aggressively patient, I guess.”

The Phillies also have some interest in free agent closers Jonathan Papelbon, Heath Bell and Joe Nathan should they get the feeling they can’t resign Madson at a price they’re comfortable with. Papelbon and Bell are represented by Seth and Sam Levinson, who have a good relationship with the Phillies. The Levinsons had four clients on the 2011 Phillies roster: Raul Ibanez, Placido Polanco, Shane Victorino and Ross Gload.


Get ‘er done. If you are committed to overpay for a closer, it’s gotta be Madson.

Supposedly $44MM for 4 years, with a fifth year option at $13MM.

phan, I hope you think Papelbon is worth $6 million more than Madson over the next 4 years, because the deal seemed like a no-brainer to me. Madson has never proven himself over the course of one season as a closer; Papelbon is an established closer who pitched successfully in the toughest division in MLB.

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