Phils Reach Agreement with Papelbon

The Phillies have their closer for 2012 and beyond.

Sources confirmed the Phillies reached an agreement on a four-year contract with free agent right-hander Jonathan Papelbon, who has spent his first seven seasons in the big leagues with the Boston Red Sox. The Phillies and Papelbon’s agents, Sam and Seth Levinson, are still finalizing the details of the contract, which is pending a physical.

The deal includes a fifth-year vesting option. reports the deal approaches $50 million.

The agreement caps an interesting week. Talks between the Phillies and Ryan Madson’s agent Scott Boras ratcheted up Monday. There were multiple reports Tuesday the sides had reached an agreement on a four-year, $44 million deal, which Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. denied.

Talks between the Phillies and Madson fell apart and the Phillies finalized their deal for Papelbon.


Treat him well. And play him lots of music. He does like dancing.

Gutted. More fly balls at the bank in the 9th inning to turn our stomachs. Methinks Madson’s changeup will age much better than Papelbon’s fastball…😦

I like Madson. I really do.. I think he made big steps this year. That said, I can’t argue against JP – the man has a pretty nice track record. But I believe Madson is going to really help a team out next year and beyond. I just hope it is not one in the NL East, or whatever they are calling it next year…..

I was so upset to hear about Madson’s leaving…

I enjoyed watching Madson mature and develop into a closer over the years. But I guess the Phillies like the guy who’s been doing it at a high level for years. I don’t think they could have gone wrong with either one, but I’ll miss Madson. I hope he ends up in Texas or something. I don’t want to have to face him all the time in the NL East.

An odd decision to me, why get rid of the guy you have had at your club for a number of years and have a pretty good idea of what he is capable of doing? And 50 mil for someone who will pitch 60 innings a year?! I don’t even think he will be closing for the Phils in 3 years.

this was more about agents then players. I think RAJ got pissed at Boras leaking details of the deal before it was finalized and decided he wasn’t dealing with him any more. Either one of the two would have been over paid for what they will contribut to the team. CLosers are so over rated. Give me a lousy closer, a great rotation and a great offence any time.

F-I-J, a lousy closer (Feliz) just cost the Rangers a WS championship, while closers were intergral parts of the previous three (Lidge, Rivera, Wilson). You better have a good closer. Now, if you want to bitch about the contract that’s another issue, but you damn well better have an effective closer if you want to win a championship.

Papelbon not only is costing the Phillies more but he is also costing the Phillies a first round draft pick. Junior being Junior.

Well if you had any clue in the world, you would know that a new CBA hasn’t been agreed upon yet, which if you listen closely, they are trying to take that language out of the new CBA. But you can assume now, and look like an ass later..

Speaking of asses, how you doin’, Al?

And even if they do lose a first ( you won’t even know until there is a new CBA), they will get one (and another slot pick) back when Madson (or Oswalt, or JRoll) signs elsewhere.
pherris being pherris…

Why get rid of Madsen… you can have him set-up… or spell Papelbon. Surely the money is there somewhere, given that Lidge is gone, Ibanez is likely gone, etc, to have both these guys around.

It’s not as if the bullpen is overflowing with DEPENDABLE arms…

Madson isn’t going to go back to a set-up role. He has already proved that he can be a closer, and that’s where the money is. And, with the raises due Howard and the pitchers, the money isn’t there, regardless of who leaves.

Oswalt won’t bring nin a draft pic. We (rightfully) never offered him arbitration. Besides, what have our 1st round draft pics done for nus lately? This isn’t football or basketball where your draft picks help you that year 9or even 3 years down the road)

F-I-J, they haven’t offered anybody arbitration. They don’t have to yet and, by the existing CBA rules, they WOULD get a 1st round pick for Oswalt (and a slot pick) if he signs with someone else at this point.

True, but we can assume that they will not offer him arbitration and that no one will sign him until that deadline is past. The Phillies are expected to offer arbitration to Madson and the Rollins.

For only $6 million more, Ruben could get Papelbon over the next 4 years?… That seems like a no-brainer. Papelbon had some career best stats last season. I always believed that he was a guy who needed a “change of scenery”. I’m sure the Phils will have a guy who will get 40+ saves with a save percentage of +80%. I’m sure that all the Aces are thrilled to have Paps at the backend of the pen.

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