Phillies, Schnedier Close to Deal reports the Phillies are close to a new contract for backup catcher Brian Schneider.

Schneider hit .176 last season, but worked well with rookie right-hander Vance Worley, who finished third in National League Rookie of the Year voting.


The Phillies acquired right-hander Adam Worthington from the Arizona Diamondbacks as the player to be named to complete the Mike Zagurski trade. Worthington went 4-4 with a 4.48 ERA in 45 relief appearance for Class A Visalia in 2011.


If this deal is for more than the league min and more than one year, RAJ really did not do a good job.

What does he contribute to the team? I am continually amazed that players like this get signed to big league deals. Is that to say that there isn’t a promising young player that can fill the role? I guess not. This will be followed by a contract for Ben Francisco, who is another guy I can’t figure out what the Phils see in him.

Any “promising young player” needs to play, not sit in on the bench. Schneider has been around the block, understands the game and this pitching staff, and by most account is a good guy in the clubhouse. Why would you not want this type of guy as your backup catcher?

Because I need somebody who hits his weight. I don’t need a AAA superstar sitting behind Ruiz, but for God’s sake, isn’t there a minor leaguer that you can bring up (for the league minimum salary, BTW) to play 50 games a year? If not, then the minor league system is in worse shape than I think it is.
Who gives a F*** if he’s a “good guy in the clubhouse” or has a rapport with the #4 starter? Guys like Schneider survive in the big leagues for some reason. Meanwhile, in other sports guys come out of college and contribute. What’s wrong with baseball that they hang onto guys like him while 150 players sit in a minor league system? It’s a strange dynamic.

Glad to see Schneider will be back. Nice to have an experienced back-up catcher for Chooch. He certainly had a great rapport with Worley.

Gotta go with muleman on this one. Schneider is next to worthless (but I can’t wait to hear the stat that the Phils were 52 – 0 when he started). He can’t hit and he almost never finished any game that he started. What happens if Chooch gets hurt? Schneider is your #1 catcher then. On a team where offense is becoming more difficult to generate, the Phils do not need this black hole at the bottom of the order.

Some of you guys are harsh. What kind of catcher is going to be willing to be the back up catcher anyway? To expect to get hitting and defensive prowess from that guy is just totally fantasy-baseball-like. Ruben knows the team is built around the Phils aces so he places emphasis on rapport and signal calling, both of which Schneider has shown he is exceptional at doing, maybe even better than Chooch right now. Yeah he sucks at hitting big time, but the Phils win over 75% of the games he starts, so his bat is not costing the team wins. I love this signing.

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