The Phillies have agreed on a two-year contract with Laynce Nix.

The Phillies can’t confirm the deal until he passes his physical.

Here’s a look at Nix’s career stats.

I’ll assume Nix could platoon in left field with John Mayberry Jr. He can play a little first base, too. That’s a possibility the first month of the season with Ryan Howard injured.

More to come …


Totally unimpressed with this signing, Ruben. A healthy Gload would be an upgrade over this clown. I see a lot more more K’s in our future.

What is this, the second signing who can platoon with Mayberry in LF and the third who can platoon with Mayberry at 1B? Evidently, Junior fell asleep in math class. He believes 1 (.240 hitter) + 1 (.240 hitter) + 1 (.240 hitter) = 1 (.720 hitter).

On the face of it, it’s a disaster. Per High Cheese, Wigginton bats .185 with two strikes, Thome .172 and Nix .141. The bench could be awful. What happened to looking for guys who will have good at-bats and work a pitcher?
I want to see the numbers before I completely criticize it. He could just be another guy competing for a bench job with the likes of Scott Podsednik.

That’s cleared my tohutghs. Thanks for contributing.

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Well, considering Ruben has been saying his #1 priority is to sign a SS, and he would like it to be Jimmy, I’m not sure why he’s picking up all these outfielders who can play infield too. As long as they are mostly low risk ($)- high reward, I suppose it doesn’t matter much. He might catch lightning in a bottle with one of these guys…

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