Could Madson Accept Salary Arbitration?

It seems like there are fewer and fewer places for Ryan Madson to find the lucrative, multiyear contract he desires.

Does that mean he could accept salary arbitration from the Phillies?

The deadline is midnight tomorrow, and although Ruben Amaro Jr. continues to believe the possibility is remote it would not be a complete shock if Madson did. Other than the Boston Red Sox, there does not seem to be a team willing to spend major money on a closer. Not the Reds. Not the Padres. Not the Mets. The Angels are out there. They spend money, and Madson certainly would love to pitch for his hometown team. But if Madson’s agent Scott Boras feels he cannot land the big deal he wants he could accept salary arbitration and try again on the free agent market next year.

“A Scott Boras client has done that before,” Amaro said today.

It happened in 2003, when Kevin Millwood accepted salary arbitration from the Phillies. If Madson accepted he would get a considerable raise from the $4.5 million he made in 2011. The Phillies could keep him to form one of the best 1-2 punches in baseball in the back end of the bullpen with closer Jonathan Papelbon, who signed a four-year, $50 million contract last month. But Amaro also pointed out the Phillies could trade Madson.

“I think a bullpen with Madson and (Jose) Contreras and (Antonio) Bastardo and (Mike) Stutes and Papelbon would be OK,” Amaro said.

The Phillies also offered salary arbitration to Jimmy Rollins, who is expected to decline, and Raul Ibanez, who will decline.

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