Bye Bye Madson

Ryan Madson wants to be a closer, so he declined salary arbitration from the Phillies before tonight’s midnight deadline.

The move means Madson is headed elsewhere, which means the Phillies will receive two draft picks as compensation once he signs with another team. If Madson had accepted salary arbitration he essentially would have been signed to a one-year contract with the Phillies, but would have been a setup man for closer Jonathan Papelbon.

That would have hurt Madson’s earning potential once he became a free agent again next offseason.

“Ryan was never (going to accept),” Scott Boras said. “He’s remaining a free agent here.”

Last month there had been reports the Phillies and Madson were close to a four-year, $44 million contract. The Phillies signed Papelbon to a four-year, $50 million deal instead. It is hard to imagine Madson finding that kind of a deal now with most teams already filling their closer roles, but Boras has worked magic before.

“Ryan Madson is a closer that … has performed in a large market, performed in the playoffs, performed at high levels, one of the few closers at that age (31) and has the combination of a 95 mph fastball and a changeup,” Boras said. “I think we’ve seen a lot of teams that have dismissed the expenditure required to sign a player of that caliber. Much like the starting pitching market, we haven’t seen a lot of activity in that until maybe today. I think we’ll just have to wait in time to see how that filters out.”

Madson went 47-30 with a 3.59 ERA and 52 saves in 491 appearances in nine seasons with the Phillies. He went 4-1 with a 2.37 ERA and 32 saves in 34 opportunities in his first season as a full-time closer in 2011.

Because Madson is a Type A free agent, the Phillies will receive the signing team’s top draft pick, plus a compensatory pick between the first and second rounds in the 2012 First-Year Player Draft.


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Dog should have taken the Phils original offer…would have been a win-win. Now both sides come out with less. A shame.

says you tartan69. theres a case to be made that papelbon is the best closer on the market. boo-hoo sally sue for madson.

“theres a case to be made that papelbon is (was) the best closer on the market” yeah, like there’s a case to be made that the world is round. Papelbon is the best closer the Philies could have wished for, end of story. My only gripe is that we might hae gotten him cheaper if RAJ had waited a few more weeks and let the market settle first

I’m not concerned with the cost of Papelbon’s deal, but I am concerned with its length. I still think Nathan or Bell would have been better options for less time. The closer wouldn’t have been my #1 priority, as it apparently was to Ruben.
They are looking to go into 2012 with the same lineup as last year (minus Raul) and that isn’t enough, even with their world-class starters.

A closer is essential to the Phillies. They want to be able to turn a close game over to an established guy after eight innings. They apparently never trusted Madson as much, which is what led them to allow Halladay and Lee to pitch into the ninth all the time. There must have been something about Madson’s makeup that the powers-that-be didn’t like.
This will lower the pitch count for the aces, who can’t argue with the decision considering Papelbon’s history.

I thought the new CBA changed compensatory rules around relievers such that the Phils will not get a pick from the team that signs Madson; due to Amaro’s desire to be a market leader and his signing of Papelbon prior to the new CBA the Phils will be giving Boston their pick though. Some quality GM-ing there.

Wrong Jim.
Under the rules of baseball’s new collective bargaining agreement Madson will garner the Phillies a compensatory draft pick as well as a first-round pick immediately in front of the team that signs him in June’s draft. The Phillies ensured they would receive both picks when they officially offered Madson arbitration, which he declined last night. Amaro knew this going in. They will lose their pick, but they will gain one as well, plus the compensatory pick.

Well, thank the baseball gods the Marlins signed Heath Bell. I’d hate to see him playing in the NL East. I say Boston. #MadDogGlory

Thanks Ryan for being part of this incredible ride. Good luck in your next gig!

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