Looking at the J-Roll Talks

It’s Day 3 at the Winter Meetings and Jimmy Rollins remains the Phillies’ top priority.

A few thoughts on the Rollins negotiations:

  • Most everybody roaming the Hilton Anatole lobby believes Rollins will resign with the Phillies, even the lady that sold me the $12 turkey sandwich yesterday. It’s just a matter of when.
  • Rollins has been searching for a five-year contract, but I don’t see any team giving that to him. The Brewers? Milwaukee general manager Doug Melvin said yesterday, “We have nothing that suits our desires at this point for the financial situation that we have.” I’ve been told they would love Rollins, but on nothing more than a three-year deal. Maybe less than that. The Cardinals? I’ve been told they’re not really interested, or they’d be interested if they lose Albert Pujols, but would not overpay for him. The Giants would like him, but apparently don’t have the money. The Mets are not looking to add salary. So, really, the Phillies appear to be the only team really pursuing Rollins. That would seem to favor the Phillies, right?
  • Here’s a question: say the Brewers offer a slightly better deal than the Phillies. Is there any way Rollins goes to Milwaukee? Listen, I’m from Milwaukee. I love it there. But some people like to call Rollins a “red light” player. He loves the limelight. He’s going to play in relative anonymity in Milwaukee. Summer and fall weekends in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are different than New York and Florida (especially if the Marlins sign Pujols). Interleague series against Boston are different than interleague series with the Twins. I’d have to think Rollins would miss that.
  • The Phillies remain one of the best — if not the best — team in baseball. Rollins has said the opportunity to win is going to be a factor in his decision. The Brewers have a good team now, but they don’t have the money to throw at problems like the Phillies.
  • Rollins lives in South Jersey. His wife is from here. He has relationships here. If he leaves he’s just a baseball player coming to a new team. He’s not J-Roll in Milwaukee or St. Louis. He’s the guy trying to make up for the losses of Prince Fielder or Pujols. It’s quite a different situation.
  • Here’s my best guess when Rollins makes a decision: Monday or Tuesday. Why? Because the last two offseasons the Phillies have finalized deals with Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee the week following the winter meetings.


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All extremely valid points, people sometimes forget the human side of things even in a baseball business decision (see Cliff Lee)

If it’s a matter of playing where he wants and not money … wouldn’t he go to San Fran? He’s from the bay area and has been on record saying he would want to play for them and he grew up loving them and whatnot. If they could throw him something comparable, I almost think he would go there. I don’t fault him for trying to get paid though, he’s taken a discount to play for Philadelphia his whole career, no reason he should do it with his last paycheck.

The Phillies are the best team in baseball that, over each season since 2008, has won one fewer post season series than they did in the previous season. They have to reverse that trend to be the best team in baseball … unless they simply want to be the best team not to make the playoffs.

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He’s going to end his career as a Phillie. They should be offering 3 plus a 4th year option (no one will do better), but I’m betting they give him 4.

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