Pujols to LA Adds Wrinkle for Phillies

Albert Pujols might have thrown a $250 million wrinkle into the Phillies’ plans to resign Jimmy Rollins.

The Phillies and Rollins made progress this week on a new contract, so much so that nearly everybody at the Winter Meetings said they expect Rollins to remain in Philadelphia. Rollins’ agent Dan Lozano even cancelled a meeting earlier this week with the Milwaukee Brewers, who were believed to be Rollins’ other top suitor. That seemed like a pretty good sign Lozano had narrowed his focus to Philadelphia.

But things changed this morning. Pujols is leaving the St. Louis Cardinals for the Angels, which means the Cardinals suddenly have some money to spend. They need a first baseman, second baseman and shortstop, and if they don’t jump in the Prince Fielder sweepstakes (there are rumblings at the Hilton Anatole they will not) they could take a run at Rollins to fill one of their other needs. And while their history suggests otherwise, maybe the Cardinals would be willing to give Rollins what he wants.

Rollins tweeted to teammate Shane Victorino today: “something will get done, where is the question……..”

This is not saying Rollins is headed to St. Louis, but it certainly would be in Lozano’s best interest to explore every opportunity for his client, especially if talks with St. Louis can get the Phillies to increase their offer. One source indicated yesterday the Phillies had been talking about a three-year deal worth about $13 million per season. Perhaps talks with St. Louis get the Phillies to add a fourth year or an option for a fourth year.

At the very least it seems likely to drag out the process. Thoughts the Phillies and Rollins would strike an agreement before next week seem less likely after Pujols’ departure from the National League.


It’s an obvious reaction, and makes sense. But I’m inclined to think it more likely effects the Carlos Beltran market than the Jimmy market. We’ll see.

Makes sense for Pujols to go to the AL, he can do his last couple of year as a DH. No doubt he was a player that you didn’t go the the hot dog stand if he was coming up to bat.

What does Alex Gonzalez leaving Atlanta for Milwaukee do to the Rollins sweepstakes? Are the Braves really going to go into 2012 with Tyler Pastornicky as their shortstop? So many wrinkles. It’s easy to see why nothing got done last night. Jimmy is playing the game.

he’s not worth $13 mil per year for 3 years

The problem with Rollins is that he doesn’t have a place in the order? Where do you hit him? 13 million can buy you a better leadoff hitter somewhere or a big bat that can hit 3rd or 5th. (then Utley hits two and Victorino leads off) I don’t think Victorino is a great leadoff hitter either but if you have Utley, Pence, Howard and ??? Ramierz or a Carlos Lee Type 30 HR 100 RBI hitter behind him then who cares. What is Rollins at this point? Not a 300 hitter. Not a high OBP guy, Not a 30 HR hitter, not even that big of a base stealer anymore. Honestly, he is a nice 7 hole hitter but I don’t think you pay your 7 hole hitter 13 million.

If the price tag is going to get out of hand for JRoll, they ought to think of going in another direction. Like, maybe Ramirez at third and a one year stopgap at SS. Try to trade Polanco or keep him as a super sub. Defense would suffer a little, but I think it would make them a better overall team.

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