Report: Cardinals Progressing on Furcal

As the Phillies checked out of their rooms at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas on Thursday, the news Albert Pujols signed with the Angels indicated the Phillies could have more competition for Jimmy Rollins.

The Cardinals have holes at first base, second base and shortstop, and with Pujols on the Left Coast they could spend money on Rollins, complicating things for the Phillies.

But reported today the Cardinals are progressing on a deal with shortstop Rafael Furcal. That follows news the Brewers signed Alex Gonzalez. If the Cardinals resign Furcal, Rollins’ two most likely suitors other than the Phillies would no longer need a shortstop.

It is believed the Phillies have offered Rollins a three-year contract. Rollins has been seeking a five-year deal. It is possible the Phillies could add a fourth year or a fourth-year option to keep Rollins. But unless there is a mystery team out there looking for a shortstop, it appears Rollins will not find a five-year contract. And with St. Louis potentially out of the picture, he might not find a team that is willing to offer more than the Phillies, either.

But Rollins’ agent is Dan Lozano, who got Pujols to leave St. Louis for Los Angeles. Anything is possible, certainly in an offseason that has seen Pujols leave St. Louis, Jose Reyes leave New York, Mark Buehrle leave Chicago and Prince Fielder expected to leave Milwaukee.

Rollins still could leave Philadelphia. The problem at the moment is finding a place where he would go.


With Furcal signing for two years and $14 million, JRoll might be out of options. The Phillies might still get him for three years.

I think I jumped the gun by commenting on the last post that Furcal signed for 2 and $14 mil. Regardless, Jimmy is out of options, and his 5 year demand looks like it’s dead in the water.
Nevertheless, I think the Phils missed out in this free agent season. Papelbon’s contract is too long. They didn’t get Cuddyer, and instead, got aged Thome and mediocre Wigginton. I don’t see any improvement in the ballclub so far. While they won 102 games, the lineup hasn’t improved, and that was the problem in the playoffs.

problem is Charlie’s inability to play bench when starters aren[t hitting. Hopefully, if Poly is slumping again this year, her uses Wigginton at 3B instead. The starting 8 is as good as any in the game and the rotation, even without Oswalt is the best in the game. I’d still like them to explore JRoll at 3B and Galvis at SS. Poly can be super Sub

Come on, FIJ! Jimmy isn’t THAT old or out of shape.

Pujols left St. Louis for $250M, not because his agent Dan Lozano coaxed him to leave St. Louis.

Rollins is a Phillies longtime player, but Valdez filled in for him nicely at times, so with Rollins not professing to want to remain in Philly as much as one would think he would, maybe it’s time to say goodbye and move into another direction with the position. The Phillies should break themselves of the ‘mega’ deal contracts they’ve been signing in the last two years anyway, we have no championships from the past two seasons do we?

Do you really want Wilson Valdez playing shortstop behind Halladay, Lee and Hamels? He did fill-in nicely, but he isn’t an everyday player. You need a professional shortstop.

I think their bench might have improved a tad. Agree it would’ve been nice to get another bat in the line up. It will be interesting to see where Madson, Lidge, Ibanez and Oswalt land.

Interesting news about Ryan Braun. Always seemed like a decent player/guy.

The bench isn’t the problem. This team is old and wears out by October. We’ve seen it twice. They didn’t need a closer, yet they spent money on one. What they needed was to make a blockbuster trade to shake up the everyday lineup. But we’re going into 2012 with guys who have failed twice and are another year older.

I wouldn’t have minded a bit of a shakeup in the starting lineup, but they certainly needed a closer, and they got a good one. Signing Papelbon is not a problem.

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Laynce Nix has passed his physical. Is that a good thing?

phan: I thought Madson was fine. They obviously don’t like the guy for some reason, and felt the need to over-extend for Papelbon. I’d have spent the money elsewhere.
How can you say that a team that won 102 games needs a closer?

The Phillies play a lot of close games muleman, that’s why they need a closer. As you say, for some reason, they didn’t trust Madson which led them to stretch Lee, Hamels and epecially Halladay a little farther than they really should have. Even with that, the bullpen still had 47 saves. You don’t think they need a closer? I’m glad you’re not the GM.

If the Phillies (read Charlie) stretched Halladay, Lee and Hamels what does that have to do with the closer? On the one end, a quality start is 6 innings. On the other end, the modern day closer pitches one inning or less. It is obvious stretching the starters is more of a dysfunction of the set-up men than it is a problem of the closer. As commendable as it is to cite the number of 18 complete games the Phillies starters pitched in 2011, it should be remembered that the number is significant only in relation to what the pitching staffs of other teams do. The reality is that 18 games represents only 11% of all games. And a large number of these complete games is more of a reflection as to how Charlie deals with egos of the starters rather than it is a reflection of the faith he places in the closer.

muleman, for being such an intelligent phan and very knowledgeable about baseball in general, you sometimes make some ridiculous statements………

Hasn’t Wigginton been compared to being a similar but cheaper Cuddyer?

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