Rollins, Phillies Agree to Three-Year Deal

Two sources confirmed an report today that Jimmy Rollins agreed to a three-year, $33 million contract with a vesting option for a fourth season. One source said the $11 million option is easily attainable, which likely means it does not require many plate appearances or games played to kick in.

“I see you all know by now,” Rollins said on his Twitter account @JimmyRollins11. “Gotta deal with me for 3 (4) more years!”

Rollins entered the offseason proclaiming he wanted a five-year contract or a four-year deal with a player option for a fifth season. But the market never materialized as the Brewers signed Alex Gonzalez and the Cardinals signed Rafael Furcal. Other teams that needed a shortstop like the San Francisco Giants and Atlanta Braves simply had no plans to offer Rollins the kind of money the Phillies offered.

In the end, the Phillies made the most sense: they offered Rollins the most money and years, and they provided him the best chance to win a World Series.


Jimmy certainly tested the market. Sometimes, the best answer is the most simple one.
Matt Gelb is reporting that the Phillies’ 2012 payroll will be less than last year’s. I’d suspect that the ownership group will send Ruben a nice Christmas gift.
It remains to be seen what the fans will be sending him at the end of this season.

muleman, I don’t know from where Matt Gelb gets his information but using Cot’s as a point of reference coupled with what has been reported and not yet posted at Cot’s, it appears that the Phillies will start the season with the same payroll as in 2011, about $165 million..

Wrong pherris, Cot’s apparently doesn’t update because the Phillies payroll in 2011 was almost $173 million. With the estimated numbers for arbitration for 2012, the Phillies should be in the $167-8 million range, well under the luxury tax threshold, which will allow for movement at the trading deadline. While you could never admit it, Amaro appears to have played this right.

Its definately the best deal for Jimmy, but do you believe he was the best option for the phillies. I say yes, but that’s def from a biased point of view.

Chris: I think it was the best deal for both parties. For Jimmy, it represented the best chance to win and remain a part of the franchise that drafted him and for which I hope he plays his entire career.
For the Phillies, Jimmy was the best remaining option at shortstop. Reyes was ridiculously over-priced (based on actual games played) and there was a huge dropoff to the next best guy. For a team that has a playoff-caliber starting staff, it would be criminal to settle for a second-tier shortstop.
I think 3 years was a great deal.


Does he HAVE to bat leadoff? Didn’t Victorino prove he’s a better leadoff hitter than Rollins? Let Jimmy be Jimmy in the 6- or 7-spot, and it will be a much stronger team.

Charlie’s more likely to bat Jimmy in the 3-hole, especially since Ryan won’t be available till June or so.

I think they’re done. Barring injury I suspect they have all the pieces they will break camp with in April.

So I guess we can now oficially say, “meet the new team, same as the old team”? at least the starting 8 from the end of last year. SO much for RAJ’s stated goal of change

Unfortunately Ryan won’t be ready till late may or even later….. So it WON’T be the same lineup as last year.

This was a good deal for all concerned. It’s nice that J-Roll will still be the “most senior” athlete in Philly sports. He certainly adds a certain panache to the team. Do you think Madson will resign with the Phils as their 8th inning/2nd closer and test the free agent market again in 2012? Wonder where Lidge, Ibanez, and Oswalt will land.

Good question, Karen. Now that Madson has refused arbitration, he won’t be a Phillie. Oswalt will be seeking big bucks, with his “new-improved back”. I am very hopefull Lidge will give Ruben a huge discount. He’d be a great set up guy. He did a pretty good job last season.

phan52, we often hear about this “luxury tax threshold”, how much is it exactly? It is my understanding that the last available real-time figures are from 2005-2006. Ever since then the limit is pure “pundit conjecture”. Turning to Junior, for what am I suppose to give him credit? For keeping the Phillies within budget? A great accountant but how about baseball savvy?

The luxury tax threshold is important because the Phillies ownership forbid Amaro to go over it. I believe it is $178 million through 2013. So Amaro has to balance both the roster and the payroll to keep the Phillies the “Team To Beat”. It is why he usually addresses payroll issues during trades like he did in the Lee, Oswalt and Pence trades. I give him a lot of credit for that. Otherwise, Pence would have been an Atlanta Brave.

Jimmy was the best SS on the market by far. The Phils had the money and gave him enough years to show that they really wanted him on the team. Both parties did the right thing. This is a great example of how negotiations should work in sports.

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