Phillies Release Bowker

The Phillies have released outfielder John Bowker, who will pursue a playing opportunity in Japan.

The Phillies picked up Bowker in an Aug. 29 trade with the Pirates, hoping he could be a productive left-handed bat off the bench. You know, maybe run into a fastball and hit a home run or two. But Matt Stairs he wasn’t. Bowker went 0-for-13, which gives him a dubious place in Phillies history — assuming he doesn’t make his way back to the Phillies in the future.

There is only one other position player that finished his Phillies career with more than 13 hitless at-bats. Outfielder Fred Tauby went 0-for-20 for the 1937 Phillies. He never played in the big leagues again.

There are nine pitchers that finished their Phillies careers with more than 13 hitless at-bats. Leading the list is Jim Hearn, who went 0-for-33 with the Phillies from 1957-59. Also in the top three are Charley Stanceu, who went 0-for-19 in 1946; and Mac Scarce, who went 0-for-17 from 1972-74.

And now you know …


I guess 2011 is a rebuilding year, with Bowker gone, we have little chance of a red October.

What a culture change. Japan? Unless the money is on par, send me back to AAA.

Gambatte John-san! Umaku natte. Soshite, hayaku Phillies-ni modotte kitte!

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