Hamels, Valdez Agree to Deals, Avoid Arbitration

The Phillies and Cole Hamels avoided salary arbitration today when they agreed to a one-year, $15 million contract, according to a source.

The Phillies also reached an agreement on a $930,000 contract with infielder Wilson Valdez, who was eligible for salary arbitration.

Hunter Pence remains the only Phillies player still eligible for salary arbitration, although an agreement can be reached up until the moment the team and player are supposed to meet with arbiters.

UPDATE. Incentives for Hamels and Valdez:

Hamels: $100,000 for MVP ($75,000 second, $50,000 third), $250,000 Cy Young ($150,000 second, $100,000 third), $100,000 World Series MVP, $50,000 League Championship Series MVP, $50,000 Gold Glove, $50,000 Silver Slugger, $50,000 All-Star.

Valdez: $25,000 Gold Glove, $25,000 Silver Slugger, $25,000 All-Star.


A little more than what was projected, but I don’t think anybody can be surprised by the Phillies willingness to overpay. I just want to see Hamels tied up long term but if he has a complete breakout year, can they pay three pitchers over $20 million?

You mean Hamels hasn’t broken out yet? The guy is already going to average $20+ a year once it’s time for a real contract.

A complete breakout year would be the Cy Young year everybody’s been predicting for him since his rookie year. He’s had solid years, and stretches where he is terrific, but he’s not Halladay. And he’s maybe more consistent than Lee, but when Lee is on he is the best in the game.

What was the last year and a half? A tease? I think most phnas would agree that Cole took care of the two things he neede to address inorder to “break out”…. his cutter and his mental toughness on the mound.

According to Bob Brookover in today’s Inquirer: “If Hamels love Philadelphia and is willing to stay for Lee and Halladay money, it [long term contract] will probably get done.”
He also Tweeted today that negotiations will continue during Spring Training.

Last year, did pitching REALLY win the WSC? The teams with the best pitching were knocked out early or even before the postseason began. The Phils’s bats will need to get the job done if the Phils are to win their second WSC in four years, even with the threeheaded dragon firing pitches past MLB hitters or keeping them off-balance.

bad idea to get rid of wilson valdez, one of our faves

william, I agree. Wilson left us with many good memories and too many GIDPs…..

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