Fixing the Field

So the Winter Classic basically ruined the turf at Citizens Bank Park, which the Phillies and everybody expected.

So beginning last week and continuing through the end of this week, the Phillies grounds crew is removing the old turf and replacing it with new turf. Everything should be ready to go by April 2, when the Phillies host the On Deck Series. And for those wondering about the seats in the uppder deck: (UPDATE) the Phillies have told me they are removed by sections to access the flooring to coat the cement. They are returned and refastened as the coating is finished. It’s hard to see in the photos, but the seats that have been removed are stacked in the next section.


Thank God for global warming (which doesn’t exist!) – otherwise there’d be snow on the ground! ;-P

Global warming doesn’t exist? That’s right, Sarah Palin told you so. Carry on.

Stop watching Fox News. It’s bad for your brain.

Anyway, Pitchers and Catchers can’t come soon enough, Go Phils!

That would be Faux News, thank you.

Stupid hockey😉 …..but yay my seat is in 303….looks like i’m getting a brand new one! Any idea what they’re doing with the old ones?

No new seats, just new concrete coating. So, you’ll have a fresh surface to leave your trash.

heard they are using a different type of sod..any truth to this?

I would be worried that they are trying to cram more seats in each section.

You mean like the airlines?

Listen to them jdwhite.. after all they are disciples of the Goreacle!

that is the swami of global warming… al the jackass gore

It’s amazing how lucky they got with the weather. You usually can’t lay sod in the beginning of February.

Let’s hope there was no damage to one of the best playing surfaces in MLB.

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