Halladay Killed An Anaconda! (Not Really)

If you missed this offseason story about Roy Halladay‘s trip to the Amazon, check it out here.

The story immediately blew up into a tall tale (yarn?) about how Halladay, motoring in a boat at high speeds down the Amazon, saw a man being attacked by an anaconda, put a bowie knife into his mouth, dove into the river, killed the anaconda with one motion and carried the man to safety.

Of course, it didn’t happen like that.

“I was not wrestling snakes. I was nowhere near snakes,” Halladay said. “We were just driving back. We were fishing all day. We were on the boat driving back, and we happened to see a guy sitting on the shoreline without clothes. We couldn’t talk to him. The guys had to talk to him. They were speaking Portuguese. He had been attacked by a snake and escaped, but it had ripped the engine off his boat and left all his stuff out in the middle of the river. So we picked up his stuff, picked him up and drove him back to his tribe, I guess you would call it.”

So how did the man make it from the boat where he was attacked to the shoreline without any clothes?

“He had nets underwater because he was diving for aquarium fish. When he was diving for the fish the snake bit him on the backside and started wrapping him and when he was getting away from it, it pulled the shorts off him. So he swam to the banks and I guess the next closest thing for the snake to grab was the boat engine.”

Halladay said he would not have jumped into the water to save the man, had they come across him during the attack.

“I might have saved the boat,” he said. “I wouldn’t go near that thing. I’m not a big fan of snakes.”

“I guess they have native trees down there. The bark is a little potent when you smoke it. I think he had been partaking in that, too. It was interesting. Definitely an interesting situation.”


Todd, you nearly gave me a heart attack! The subject heading on my email only read “Halladay Killed” before I expanded it. Well, I reached my target heart rate for the day…

Oh, wow – That had to be scary – at least you can skip the evening workout for one day…


He should have pushed Chris Carpenter into the water.

halladay’s just being modest. i was there. he eyeballed that snake down like it was pat burrell and the snake said “f this” and slithered away.

Agreed Phanatic. I saw CC in that photo and could not think of anything else except why he was out partying with Chris f**king Carpenter. I know they are friends but still…

Not only are they friends, but THEY ARE LIKE BFF FOREVAAA!!! So get over it

Don’t tell me what to do

Hopefully, 2012 will be Doc’s “Year of the Anaconda”. He’ll take a bite out of MLB hitters and then wrap a strangle-hold on (1) the 2012 Cy Young Award, (2) the NLCS MVP and (3) the WS MVP!!!!!

This almost sounds like a decent movie plot… Innocent man de-clothed by super giant anaconda snake on the river, here comes the Cy Young winner, Halladay to the rescue like McHale’s Navy! Makes Victorino’s acting job on Hawaii 5-0 look like a kindergarten recital play… Halladay wins the Oscar, hands down.

No mention of Skeet Reese?

Isnt it amazing what the media can do to a simple story of an AllStar pitcher helping another human being?

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