Polanco Says He’s Healthy

Placido Polanco got to camp this morning and reporters had the opportunity to ask him (countless) questions about his health, which is a big issue entering the season.

“I’ve been taking ground balls, hitting, running,” he said. “I think I’m good to go.”

Polanco had offseason sports hernia surgeries to repair two abdominal tears. He said he is confident he can remain healthy the entire season.

“You can’t think, ‘Oh, I’m going to get hurt,'” he said. “I got fixed. I did a good rehab. So, we’ll see. I think I’m going to stay healthy.”

He said he is not limited in any way entering camp.

He also said the injuries affected him last season. He said he wasn’t in pain as much as he felt weak. He said it affected him everywhere on the field.

“When you have a tear in the abdominal, you know it’s there,” he said. “When you’re hurt in that area, you know how much you use it. Sometimes you take it for granted. When you hurt your elbow, you can’t move. You use your abdominal for everything. And when I had surgery, I really noticed it. Every time I coughed, every time I laughed, it hurt. It’s a small muscle, but you really use it.”


If he is really healthy and can play over 130 games, that’s gold. I just don’t believe that he won’t break down.

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I agree with phan52. The fact that he got TWO sports hernias that required surgery last year makes me believe that he will have more sports hernias coming. What are the trainers doing to the guy??? OR what aren’t they doing for the guy???

A 2nd baseman throws a distance of 90 feet on a put out to first. A third baseman throws a distance of 127 feet on a put out to first. Polanco played 3rd base during his first stay with Phillies and was 28 when traded. During his stay in Detroit, he played 2nd base. He was 34 when he returned to the Phillies and was moved back to 3rd base. In his last year in Detroit he appeared in a career best 153 games. He appeared in 133 and 122 games with the Phillies in 2010 and 2011, respectively. His offensive statistics declined as well. The trainers had nothing to do with Polanco’s decline.The culprits here are MotherNature and Junior’s strategy in using Polanco at 3rd base.

Interesting perspective Pherris…. Unfortunately for Poly, the Phils need him at 3rdbase or not at all….

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