Oswalt Could Be a Fit for Phillies Midseason

So Roy Oswalt‘s agent Bob Garber released a statement yesterday:

“After much thought and careful consideration, Roy has decided to continue to evaluate his options. He is in great health and will continue to stay in shape, while throwing regularly off the mound. Roy has every intention of pitching for a contending club at some point this season.”is waiting to sign with a team, hoping to latch onto a contender midseason.”

Could the Phillies be a fit?


If something happens to a Phillies starter — Joe Blanton missed most of last season with an injured right elbow, and his health is far from a guarantee — don’t be surprised if he rejoins the Phillies rotation. The Phillies signed a starter pitcher in the middle of the season before (see Pedro Martinez, 2009), so I’m sure they wouldn’t be afraid to do it again. And while there are reports Oswalt prefers Texas or St. Louis, a source tells MLB.com that Oswalt is very much interested in returning to Philadelphia.

It’s certainly something to watch during the season.


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Heck, I considered the statement to be ABOUT Philly. Almost as if he had a handshake understanding about plans for Blanton. I suppose he could also be watching for Darvish or Feliz to struggle in Texas.

Let Oswalt go somewhere else. I understand shopping around, but not sitting around and waiting. Roy was hurt for a good part of last season and the Phillies treated him like family when HIS family needed him. Oswalt could show he is a part of this team by giving back a little of the value the Phillies lost last season while he was hurt. Show the rest of the guys that he is a teammate.

i agree 100%. We didnt get his true value last year and oswalt should honor that. He should lower his asking price a bit since we treated him like family. clearly the man just wants a world series win and then retire. I dont like the idea of a player sitting back until july to see which teams look good for october and just fit your way onto one of them. Stay committed to a team the entire season. Make wins or losses throughout the year. It’ll make that word series ring more legit than just getting picked up halfway through the season by a team you feel is in contention.

Phillie fans (and I am one and grew up in the Del. Valley) never cease to amaze me. The Phils knew the risk when they traded for him. They knew he had a balky back and they knew what his contract was. Pitchers are always a risk, especially one with alot of miles on them. The Phils took that risk. It didn’t pay off. But don’t blame Roy. And frankly if this means we can get him later as a discount, then even better. And tell me, if you were well off enough that you didn’t have to work, wouldn’t you then make sure you choose the best opportunity if you did choose to come back? Please.

This also gives Roy O a chance to join a contending team midseason rather than toiling away for someone without a shot at making the playoffs. I’d love to see him back in the Phillies rotation and healthy.

No thanks, he showed his character last year. He’s just a paycheck player now.

How did he show his character? I don’t care if he is a paycheck player if he can bring it and we need him.

Yeah, the Phillies set the precedence by signing Pedro Martinez mid-season in 2009. How did that work out?

Let me see…Martinez pitched in nine games down the stretch and the Phillies won eight of them. Martinez was their second best pitcher in August, September and October of a season that they made it to game 6 of the World Series. I’d say it was a pretty good signing and, while I don’t expect it to happen, it would be terrific if Oswalt did something close to that in 2012.

Let’s see, Your Royal Heinieness, Pope. The Phillies won the division by 6 games in 2009. Martinez was 5-1. Therefore, the numbers prove that the Phillies would have won without him since his record alone only shows a four game swing. In 4 of his nine starts his innings pitched were 2, 3, 3, 4. He could not stick around long enough to either win or lose. The upshot of these games is that he was not a factor. In 3 of his 5 wins the scores were 12-5, 9-7, 10-3. What we are left with is 2 games in which Martinez might have been a factor. What the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away. Martinez gave back the 2 games in the worse possible venue, the World Series. Remember, he was 0-2 in only 10 innings pitched with a 6.30 ERA.

pherris, you really are clueless. If you look at Martinez’s numbers from the day they signed him, he was the second best pitcher on the staff after Cliff Lee. If you want to blame somebody for not offering anything that year it was Hamels. Martinez did what he was signed to do, and that was to give them innings and a chance to win.

No, your Eminence, you are clueless. Are you math challenged or what? What don’t you understand about the Phillies finishing 6 games up and Martinez winning 4 games? Phillies still win the division. What don’t you understand about 0-2 in the WS with a 6.30 ERA. Phillies lose WS 4 games to 2.

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i would be happy to see oswalt back in phillies uniform at mid season if he is healthy and that is if we have a need for him!! if this staff stays healthy they are the best in the league still. but a healthy oswalt would be great to have back!!

Man, it’s sad that Li’l Roy’s career has come to this. Obviously NO ONE believes that LIE that he and his agent are propagating about his back being cured…..

oswalt will be actually a great fit mid season in case of injury to back end rotation. Oswalt stays in shape and will be healthy and ready by trade deadline.. if the phillies could trade blanton and eat 2.5 mil out of 8.5 mil owed getting oswalt at 6 is a just about right. but its a wait and see phils pitching depth may staY HEALTHY AND THEN THIS IS ALL HYPOTHETICAL..

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