Howard Headed North for Checkup

Ryan Howard is headed north for a checkup early next week with foot and ankle specialist Mark Myerson.

Reports this afternoon said Howard suffered a setback, but Ruben Amaro Jr. said in a telephone interview this evening that is not the case.

Howard, however, has developed a seroma from the stitches following his left Achilles surgery in October.

“We don’t view that as a setback or affecting his rehab or anything like that,” Amaro said. “He’s doing real well. His strength is starting to come. He’s doing more baseball activities. You saw him on the field take BP today.”

Amaro said the appointment with Myerson was scheduled days ago.

“If he continues to do more baseball activities, it’s important for him to be seen by the doctor,” he said. “The added benefit of going to see the doctor is he can deal with the seroma that needs to be dealt with. Who knows what the doctor might find, but we don’t view it as a setback. It’s not changing his progress. If something does we’ll let you know.”

Howard is expected back in camp Tuesday or Wednesday.


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From what I can gather, seroma is a fluid build up. Therefore what Howard is experiencing is fluid build ups at the site of his stitches. How this differs from blisters is beyond my paygrade except perhaps blisters result from external abrasion while seromas are more internal. Regardless, it is easy to tell when Junior is lying. Hint, his lips move.

Currious, with Victorino being a FA after this year, and Bourn also being a FA, is it possible we go after Bourn instead? more speed, same D, and a great leadoff hitter. Question is, will he be cheaper

Why would the Phillies go after Bourne? Statistically Bourne is inferior to Victorino across the board in all offensive categories save stolen bases.Bourne is two years younger than Victorino yet, F_I_J, you admit that they are a wash defensively. Bourne will make $6.8 milliom this year while Victorino will make $9.5 million. I would surmise that Bourne would seek a contract longer than Victorino but one which would be more expensive for the Phillies in the long run if not on an annual basis.

Actually, not “superior across the board.” Bourn and Victorino have almost identical lifetime batting averages. Shane’s is .279 and Bourn’s is .271. (A difference of 20 hits over 2400 at bats)
The power numbers (HR & RBI) are where Victorino is clearly superior. Defensively they are equals as well. If you like the Defensive WAR number, Bourn led the NL in 2010 and was 10th last year.
Shane was 1st in assists in 2010, Bourn was third. Bourn scores higher in Range Factor (3rd to 5th). Defensively, they are both very good centerfielders.
I think Victorino’s $9.5 million salary raises the bar for above-average centerfielders in the Major Leagues. Bourn will probably ask for 11 or 12.

Bourn isn’t worth anything close to Victorino. But Victorino is as good as gone unless he takes a short term, hometown discount. He’ll be 32 at the end of this season and you don’t give a long term contract to a 32 year old whose game relies so much on speed.
The Phillies are probably hoping that a player like Gillies or James develops quickly, or that Mayberry can play CF in a pinch. He’s not as good a CFer as Victorino but he’s as good as most playing the position in MLB.

That would be crazy to have Bourne come back. It seems ages ago when he was traded to the Astros in the Lidge deal…..

Is it true that Howard also has an open wound from his surgery that will not heal? That sounds painful and a little more serious than fluid build-up.

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