Schmidt Shares Skepticism on Braun

Ryan Braun’s successful appeal of a 50-game suspension for using a performance enhancing substance raised more than a few eyebrows in the baseball world, even if most players are remaining quiet on the topic.

But Hall of Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt shared his skepticism Monday at Bright House Field.

“Good lawyering,” he said of Braun’s successful appeal. “I don’t know that innocence or guilt has been established at this point in time. I surely would like to believe in innocence because Ryan Braun is a good kid from my perspective. We worked together in the World Baseball Classic and I got to know him. I surely hope that everything he says about it not being true is the truth. But just the fact that he was exonerated does not mean that they’ve gotten to the truth, unfortunately.”


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Where there smoke there is fire!

Off on a technicality does not equal innocence. He still failed the test.

I guess MVP counts for something, especially when he plays for the Commish’s hometown team.

Yes, indeed. What most people don’t understand is the difference between “innocent” and “not guilty.” He was ruled not guilty.
Aren’t those containers sealed and bar-coded after the submission? Was there evidence of actual tampering? All we heard was that he was reinstated, but we never heard the actual story.
Minor leaguers and fringe MLB players are suspended all the time – including JC Romero for going to GNC.
This Braun thing stinks. Once again, Selig is involved in it.

Yes, Manny Ramirez, that fringe player.

He failed the test? Isn’t the entire point here is that there was no valid test? So he failed the non-test? A little technicality, someone is to be judged guilty for failing a non-test? Only in the world of the Pope. Pardon my impertinence, Your Eminence. Mea culpa.

If one is innocent until proven guilty, how does being found not guilty mean anything other than innocent? How can anyone conclude that Braun failed the drug test when this entire process, designed to prove that he did fail the drug test, failed to so prove?

As I said, most people don’t understand the difference between innocent and not guilty. Thanks for making my point for me.

You had or have a point? Other than your head that is. That would be a first. Always judging others, always painting with a broad brush. But come again, what exactly is your point?

pherris was perfect foil, muleman. Ignorance is bliss.

Thanks for name-calling. That’s so mature. There is no broad brush, just the facts.
I’m sorry you don’t understand the difference between not guilty and innocent.
He failed the test. His lawyer provided “reasonable doubt,” which gave him the not guilty verdict by the panel. Innocent would have meant that he did no wrong. There is a huge difference.
Juries cannot find defendants “innocent.” They can only render not guilty decisions.
I agree with Schmidt’s assessment of “good lawyering.”

As to the name calling, your welcome. Since you are evidently reading challenged let me posit my original inquiry once again in a slightly different manner. If one is innocent until proven guilty, how is it that a “not guilty” verdict is not a declaration of innocence? The presumed state is innocence until proven guilty. It stands until guilt is proven, The accused is and remains innocent. But of course, if Schmidt says its so it must be so. After all who was able to shag ground balls like Schmidt?

Give it up, muleman. You are talking to an Impenetrable wall of ignorance. He just likes to argue to argue. pherris obviously has no friends, otherwise they would do him a favor and point out to him what an asshole he can be.
Nobody ever proved that Braun didn’t fail the test. Not guilty on a technicality is not “innocent”.

Small technicality, no evidence.

The whole thing is suspicious, but I still like Ryan Braun and I’ll root for him to prove to everyone who thinks he’s using PEDs that he’s the real deal.

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