Victorino: Let’s Make A (Five-Year) Deal

Shane Victorino had some interesting things to say about his impending free agency:

Read the story here.

In a nutshell, he wants a five-year deal, but is open to a reasonable hometown discount. But what’s interesting about his situation — and he knows it — is that as the Phillies creep closer and closer to the$178 million luxury tax threshold they have some tough decisions to make. For instance: Can they afford Cole Hamels, Hunter Pence (who becomes a free agent after 2013) and Victorino? Chase Utley and Carlos Ruiz (assuming the Phillies pick up Ruiz’s ’13 club option) become free agents following the 2013 season, too. The Phillies already have a ton of money on the books for Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Ryan Howard, Jonathan Papelbon and Jimmy Rollins.

At some point somebody might get cut out.

Could that be Victorino? He hopes not. He made it clear he wants to stay, and that’s why he’s hoping to make something happen now.


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Good luck, Shane. Don’t look over your shoulder. One of those minor leaguers might be gaining on you.

Really like Vic! Unless Gillies becomes suddenly “lights out,” there is nobody in sight within the system that could do the job that Vic does. He IS a key to their offense AND defense and a 4 year deal should do the job with that now famous “Hometown Discount.”

5 years? I see another uniform in Shane’s future.

Five years? Junior now has his excuse. The question is when
will he pull the trigger? Not if he will pull it. The new CBA agreement makes it more critical for Junior to make the decision sooner rather than later. Of course we all know that in these types of decisions, Junior is a checkers player entered in a chess tournament.

Cole has to be the Phils #1 priority. After that, it’s Pence or Shane. I just don’t see how he will get the money he deserves, muchless the years he’s asking for. He one of my favorite Phils, but……

He is one ofthe few position players that deserves the money he is getting.

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