Utley and Polanco Won’t Play This Weekend

Charlie Manuel has his lineup for tomorrow’s Grapefruit League opener against the Yankees at Bright House Field. He just didn’t care to share it following today’s workout at Carpenter Complex.

But he did say Chase Utley and Placido Polanco will not be in the lineup. The Phillies said at the beginning of Spring Training they would limit Utley’s and Polanco’s playing time in an effort to keep them healthier during the season. Utley is playing with a chronic right knee condition, and Polanco has had back problems and also had sports hernia surgeries following the 2011 season.

Manuel would not say when Utley will see his first Grapefruit League action, but it won’t be over the weekend.

“I feel like (he will play) when he feels comfortable,” Manuel said. “It might be a little while before I play him. He’ll do his regular workouts and things like that. I’m in no hurry to play him as long as we can have him ready when the season starts. As long as he feels real good and he feels good about his practice and all and his hitting and stuff.”

Manuel said Polanco probably will play Monday.


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Looks like back-up infielder is going to be more than just the 25th man on the roster. Wilson Valdez, where have you gone?

Phan, Given that the reserve Infielders will be playing alot, the Phillies made a decision to go for offensive players who are average with a glove, rather then defensive gems who can’t hit. The keep Matinez as late inning defensive guy when needed, but they have Wigginton to play most days then Polly or Utley need a rest. More bat, less glove off the bench

How does that explain Jim Thome?

Phan52: I agree. Not quite sure why they let Valdez go. Hopefully it’s the right decision.

I have read where the Valdez move was a “cost cutting” measure. Makes about as much sense as when Junior traded Cliff Lee then claimed it was to “restock” the Phillies farm system. But we all know that doesn’t make sense because Dave Montgomery and the Phillies are printing money down at CBP as claimed by certain phans here on numerous occasions.

Better safe than sorry with Chase and Poly. It’s scary to think that MM is the only back up to Chase……. If he starts 40-50 games this year, the Phils will be in trouble…

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