Yankees Fans Heart Hamels

Cole Hamels noticed something unusual while warming up in the Phillies bullpen today.

Friendly Yankees fans.

“Yankees fans were real nice for some odd reason,” he said after pitching two innings in an 8-5 loss to the Yankees at Bright House Field. “I don’t know why.”

Probably because they know Hamels will be a free agent after the season, unless the Phillies sign him to a contract extension. The always deep-pocketed Yankees could take a run at one of the best left-handers in baseball.

Insert dramatic music here.

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Hey Yankees fans: How’s it feel to want?

Big dislike

I wouldn’t worry august. If the Yankees got every player that the media says they want, they’d have 300 players on their roster.
Cole will be a Phillie in 2013.

he should realize yankees fans are rarely nice to Phillies.. and stay away!

Sounds like Cole is definitely aware of the situation with the Yankees. Interesting.

He knows it because of the way Yankees fans treated Cliff Lee’s wife.

The Yankees need more than one more than one more ace…

Not sure the Yankees would be in a position to sign Hamels It seems they are cutting back and plan to continue to do so.

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The Yankees rightly didn’t think any pitchers who were available this offseason was worth big money. They are saving their money for the next Aces that come available. That would be Hamels and Cain, if they hit the market. I doubt either will, but if the Yankees get the chance they won’t let them get away.

Fans hardly think ahead to guys that may be free agents and might be courted a year out. Maybe it was a sunny day filled with fans who just like baseball and felt generous? Not everyone is a booing dope.

So if both Cain and Hamels both happen to become free agents, the Yankees won’t let “them” get away as in they will sign them both no matter was the price? I think this assertion needs further clarification.

Only a person with limited comprehension skills would need further clarification of a definitive statement.
Or they could take the time to look at what starting pitchers the Yankees have under contract for the 2013 season and make an informed conclusion.

What does looking at the number of starting pitchers that the Yankees have signed for 2013 prove? Actually, nothing other than they will have to sign more pitchers. Of course it could be nothing also if one buys into this meme that the Yankees have this bottomless well of money. which, Halfwhit, you obviously do. But aren’t you the guy who has posted here time and time again how the Phillies are printing money at CBP as well?

The Yankees have been paying the luxury tax for years and don’t ever blink. I guess your limited comprehension skills impede your ability to find out (or believe)why that is.
Printing money at CBP? Yes, absolutely. In fact, “Yes” is your first clue in figuring out the difference between the Phillies and Yankees. Do some homework.

Where have you been, QuarterWhit, sorry I gave you too much credit in my last post by calling you Halfwhit, don’t let it go to your head, either your small head or your smaller head. What does the luxury have to do with this discussion. Never mind, another one of your red herrings.

LOL!! Correct, the luxury tax has nothing to do with the Yankees willingness to overspend. I wonder why that is?
Keep up the good work, Cher Horowitz.

pherris and phan52….. fighting over the Yankees??!!!! Are you guys insane?!

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