Howard, Utley Updates

Ruben Amaro Jr. offered some updates on Ryan Howard and Chase Utley this morning at Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland:

  • Ryan Howard. Amaro said Howard will have his walking boot on for at least a week. “Maybe longer,” he said. Amaro said the infection is OK. “We’re just being really cautious with it,” he said. “The wound itself has to heal. He’s doing fine. We just want to make sure it heals. It’ll heal. … We just want to make sure we don’t have any more recurrence of any infections at all.” Because Howard is wearing the boot he has done little if anything in terms of conditioning or staying in shape.
  • Chase Utley. Utley is hitting, but not really doing much of anything else on the field. (The Phillies said at the beginning of camp they planned to bring along Utley slowly because of his chronic right knee condition, but the fact he has missed the first week of games is surprising.) “We’ve been keeping him off his feet,” Amaro said. He said he expects Utley to play at some point this spring, but could not say if he would play within the week. Amaro said it’s a decision between the club, doctors and Utley. The Phillies think Utley needs 30-40 at-bats to get ready for the season. They said that shouldn’t be a problem with Minor League Spring Training games beginning Monday.
  • Jose Contreras. He threw a bullpen today and is close to pitching in games.


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Oh jeez Ruben “keeping him off his feet’?? That doesn’t instill much confidence!!

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I never thought Howard would be back before the All-Star game anyway (or shouldn’t be), but Utley is becoming more of a concern.

Regardless of what phan52 and muleman think…..I still think when Ruben says things like, “We just want to make sure that we don’t have any more reoccurence of any infections at all.”…. that it implies they (1) CAN prevent infections by waiting for it to heal completely and (2) They DIDN’T do it right the first time.

Why did you mention me?

Can you handle the truth?

Chase worries me. I hope he can find a way to deal with his knee. His knee never bothered him much when he hit, so I’m not surprised that he’s taking BP. The fact that he is not playing in any games means they don’t want him running ouyt of the batter’s box or playing secondbase yet….. The question is “Why not?”

If Contreras doesn’t make the roster, there are options for the Phils. So I’m not worried about him being able to pitch this year. Who expects him to be the setup guy anyway? It would be nice; he has the stuff, when he’s healthy.

What the Phillies do not have as an option is whether to pay Contreras or not. At a minimum, the Phillies are on the hook for $2.5 million this year and a $500,000 buyout next year. In the scheme of things it may not be a lot but I read that part of the reason the Phillies dealt Valdez was to save money and which saved only about $400,000 compared to what Valdez made last year.

“On the hook”? If Contreras pitches anything close to expected he will be a bargain.

Why would Utley need to rest his knee even before the first game begins? My guess is that the level of activity in drills prior to the first game aggravated his knee to the extent that Utley complained or it was obvious to the Phillies brain trust that it had been aggravated.

I find it interesting that Galvis is now playing some second base. Utley is signed through next season, at which time I’d expect them to cut him loose.
How hard can it be to replace a guy who hits .260 with 44 RBI? Valdez gave them 30 RBI in roughly the same number of games.
Chase’s numbers have been dropping like a stone since 2008 and babying him during spring training might help him in April, but what’s he going to be like in September?

Galvis has a good chance to make the team and play a lot. Better him than Michael Martinez.

So you would rather see the Phils treat him “like a man” and force him to get his work in before the season starts? Do you know that the problem with his knee threatens his career? Or did you forget?

Muleman: That’s what worries me. I completely understand giving Chase a rest this early and hopefully with not playing him so often early in the season will enable him to be at his best in Aug/Sept.

phan52: Yes “on the hook” as in the Phillies have to pay him no matter what his playing condition is as long as he has a pulse. Written in response to EricH1’s suggestion that the Phillies really have an option.

options= other choices in the pen. NOT contract options.

You guys crack me up. I used options to mean choices, which is my prerogative as an English-educated individual. The fact that some of you have jumped down my throat to correct me shows how much some of you enjoy criticizing posters more than posting about baseball issues per se.

I’ve been posting here since Todd came over to from the Inquirer. I’ve read most of the regular posters comments. I am totally getting sick of muleman and phan 52. Maybe you guys will explain why you target me now. Personally, I could care less. I have lost all respect for both those guys. I have noticed that I am enjoying reading Pherris’ posts more than theirs this year. So maybe that’s why. I’m getting attacked for agreeing with Pherris too much….

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